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Optrel Welding Helmets

(formerly by Sperian)

Optrel e3000 PAPR System & Accessories

Optrel e3000 PAPR

  • The Optrel PAPR system - Select either the e684, e680, e670 or e650 welding helmet.
  • The Optrel PAPR system comes with the Blower Unit, Breathing Tube, Protective Hose Sleeve, HE filter, LI-Ion Rechargeable Battery, Battery Charger, Fabric Belt, Flow Meter & User Manual.
  • Blower Warranty:  Two years from date of purchase for manufacturing and material defects. 
  • Battery Warranty:  6 month from date of purchase.
  • Battery Operating time:  Level 1 - 12 hrs., Level 2 - 10 hrs., Level 3 - 8hrs.
  • NIOSH approved.
  • Product ships from the manufacturer.
  • Starting at just $1,275 plus FREE Shipping.
  Optrel e3000 with e684 Helmet

Optrel e3000 Complete PAPR System

View the e300 Brochure  pdf

Optrel Filter Protection Guide  pdf

Optrel e3000 PAPR System


 e3000 Accessories

Optrel e3000 PAPR Blower Kit, Blue
(Includes Blower, Hose, Battery, Charger & Flow Meter)
Item No. WLDSPR-4551.100
Qty    $878.03

Optrel e3000 AirHose w/Protective Sleeve, Black
Item No. WLDSPR-4551.220
Qty    $76.98

Optrel e3000 Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
Item No. WLDSPR-4551.211
Qty    $138.37

Optrel e3000 Protective Sleeve Black
Item No. WLDSPR-4551.221
Qty    $40.71

Optrel e3000 Battery Charger (w/Four Plugs)
Item No. WLDSPR-4551.210
Qty    $91.70

Optrel e3000 Sealing Kit, 3/Pk
Item No. WLDSPR-4551.223
Qty    $48.23

Optrel e3000 Niosh Master HE Filter, 3/Pk
Item No. WLDSPR-4088.200
Qty    $96.42

Optrel e3000 Filter Blue Cover
Item No. WLDSPR-4551.231
Qty    $59.02

Optrel e3000 Spark Protector, 3/Pk
Item No. WLDSPR-4088.202
Qty    $49.69

Optrel e3000 Flow Meter
Item No. WLDSPR-4551.027
Qty    $40.75

Optrel VegaView 2.5 Welding Helmet

 Optrel VegaView Welding Helmet   Optrel VegaView Welding Helmet 
  • Optrel�s new VegaView2.5 offers the clearest view possible in light state with Shade Level 2.5, improving the visibility of welders� environment by 400%.
  • Infinite Shade Level Adjustment � External controls enable welders to manually adjust their shade level from 8-12 to meet the needs of their welding application without removing their helmet
  • True Color Filter � ADF lenses are specially coated to optimize the view of colors in almost true form, allowing welders to easily read red LEDs on welding devices without raising their helmets.
  • Sensitivity Control� Welders working in close proximity to one another can adjust the Sensitivity of their ADF, preventing it from responding too soon or not at all to their arc flash. This can also be used when welding at low amperages and the ADF does not darken.
  • Opening Delay � The Opening Delay function allows welders to adjust the time it takes to switch from dark to light, making the transition easier on the eyes.
  • Sensor Slide � optrel�s patented Sensor Slide allows the detection angle to be reduced from 120� to 60�, preventing the ADF from responding to nearby welders� arcs.
  • Overhead Welding � The optrel expert line�s curved helmet design deflects smoke, particles, and other debris when performing overhead welding.
  Optrel VegaView Auto Darkening Lens 

Experience the brightest autodarkening lens with VegaView 2.5!

Optrel redefines visibility for welders with a 4 times brighter view in light state and in grind mode. That�s a world record!

See the VegaView brochure for more information pdf

VegaView technical information  pdf
Optrel ViegaView 2.5 Welding Helmet
Item No. WLD-SPR-1006.600
Qty    $313.21


Optrel weldCAP Welding Helmet

Optrel weldCap

optrell weldcap side view

Join The Revolution!
  • Auto-Darkening welder's cap.
  • Features a well-defined nose cut out.
  • Extensive Field of Vision.
  • Light Weight:  400 grams/Less Than ONE pound.
  • Revolutionary Wear Comfort:  A combination of plastic and textile parts makes this helmet unique.
  • Designed for swift handling.
  • Darkening levels from 9 - 12 with a protection level 3.
  • ANSI Z87 approved.
  • Product ships from the manufacturer.
  optrell weldcap

optrell weld cap

Optrel weldCAP

Optrel weldCAP RC/9-12
Item No. WLDSPR-1008.000
Qty    $150.91


WeldCAP Accessories

Optrel weldCAP Starter Kit

  • 2 x Front cover lens.
  • 1 x Inside cover lens.
  • 1 x Nose rest.
  • 1 x Battery set.
Optrel weldCAP Front Cover Lens, 10/Pk
Item No. WLDSPR-5000.260
Qty    $47.96

Optrel weldCAP Starter Kit
Item No. WLDSPR- 5002.740
Qty    $29.70

Optrel weldCAP Inside Cover Lens, 10/Pk
Item No. WLDSPR-5000.040
Qty    $24.94

Optrel weldCAP Nose Rest, 6/Pk
Item No. WLDSPR-5002.700
Qty    $29.30

Optrel weldCAP Textile Cap
Item No. WLDSPR-5002.800
Qty    $69.05

Optrel weldCAP Battery Cover, 6/Pk
Item No. WLDSPR-5002.720
Qty    $29.08

Optrel weldCAP Parking Buddy, 3/Pk
Item No. WLDSPR-5002.900
Qty    $50.17

Optrel e684

Optrel e684 Welding Helmet

  • Discover the uniqueness of the optrel e684.
  • High Definition viewing in true color.
  • Adaptive Shade autopilot.
  • Cooling helmet design.
  • The optrel e684 is the perfect welding protection gear for demanding joining processes of aluminium, nickel-chromium alloys, special metals as well as steel.
  • Thanks to the infinitely variable shade range of SL 5 to SL 13 the optrel e684 is suitable for all electric arc welding as well as grinding processes.
  • The optrel e684 is ideal for industry applications such as vehicle & railway construction; agricultural & construction machinery; steel vessel & plant construction; pipeline & tube making, as well as ship building and offshore.
  • Now available in silver, dark blue and flat/untreated black.
  Optrel e684 Cartridge

Optrel e684 - Cartridge Details


  • 1  Adaptive shade autopilot for the range of SL 5 - 13 with the option of an individual calibration of +/- 2 shade levels.
  • 2  Twilight technology: Patented delay time control to open the Auto Darkening Filter, adjustable from 0.1 to 2.0 seconds (back side).
  • 3  Infinitely variable newly �SuperHigh� sensitivity setting range.
  • 4  Adjustable sensor slide eliminates the effects of ambient light distractions with configurable detection angles of 60�or 80�
  • 5  Switch for shade level detection: Automatic/Manually.
  • 6  Variable shade level control from SL 5-13.
  • 7  Grinding mode to prevent automatic darkening when grinding and brazing.
  • 8  Batteries CR2032, 2 pcs (back side).

View the e684 brochure for more information  pdf 

All of the e600 series helmets use the same accessories (cover lens, etc)  See below.
Optrel e684 Welding Helmet


             Optrel e680
sperian e680

Optrel e680 Welding Helmet

  • Optrel's expert series.
  • The Optrel e680 helmet - based on the previous  Optrel Satellite model - has been designed specially for welders with varying job requirements and a need for an extensive range of individual adjustment options.
  • The features include protective levels from DIN 5 to DIN 13 and various additional options that provide the welder with absolute freedom and unrestricted comfort.
  • The enlarged field of view 50mm x 100mm (33% larger than standard 2 inch x 4 inch lens) and true color filter allows the welder a brilliant, detailed view of the welding object.
  • The spherical contouring of the Optrel e680 helmet makes it one of the only welding helmets approved for overhead welding.
  • Weighs just over 1 pound.
  • Just $469 plus FREE shipping.

  • Helmet MFR Part No's: K6801 (dark blue), K6802 (white), K6803 (gray), K6804 (light blue) & K6805 (black).
  • MFR Part No. K6800, copper, has been discontinued.
  • Diopter MFR Part No's:  K6041, K6042, K6043, K6044.



Note:  The e680 is being replaced by the e684...
not all colors may be available.

Optrel products ship from the manufacturer. Orders less than $250 subject to minimum order fee.  
Optrel e680 Welding Helmet

e600 Accessories  (e680 & e684)
Front Cover Lens for Optrel eSeries, 10/Pk
Item No. WLDSPR-K5911
Qty    $57.73

Diopter Magnifying Lens for Optrel eSeries

Inner Cover Lens for Optrel eSeries, 10/Pk
Item No. WLDSPR-K6024
Qty    $23.24

Sweatband for Optrel Helmets, 10/Pk
Item No. WLDSPR-K5822
Qty    $30.50


Optrel e670 

Optrel e670 Welding Helmet

  Optrel e670 
  • The Optrel expert series.
  • Variable Shade 9-13 Auto and Manual mode.
  • Now has grind mode.
  • Rated to High Impact AS/NZS 1337.
  • Auto mode allows shade level to automatically adjust as arc light intensity changes.
  • Solar cells and exchangeable batteries.  No on/off switch.
  • Available in unpainted black or cosmic green.
Optrel e670 Welding Helmet, Unpainted Black
Item No. WLDSPR-K6700
Qty    $395.80

The e670 uses the same accessories as the e680 - see above to order.
Optrel e670 Welding Helmet, Cosmic Green
Item No. WLDSPR-K6701
Qty    $395.80

The Optrel MiraPlus, Satellite & Orion have been discontinued.

View the current catalog of the complete Optrel line pdf

Optrel e650   

Optrel e650 Welding Helmet

  • The Optrel Expert Series.
  • Large viewing area and consistent quality.
  • offers a continuously variable sensitivity control and opening delay function.
  • All functions can be selected and adjusted from outside the helmet.
  • Grinding mode (shade 4).
  • Infinitely variable shade level (can be set between levels 9�13).
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty.
  • Available with hard hat adaptor.
  • Available in Shiny Ruby and Unpainted Black.
Optrel e650 Welding Helmet, Ruby Red
Item No. WLDSPR-K6501
Qty    $314.21

Optrel e650 Welding Helmet, Unpainted Black
Item No. WLDSPR-K6500
Qty    $314.21


sperian galaxy

Optrel Galaxy Wide-View

  sperian galaxy

Optrel Galaxy Flip-Up

  • Wide view lens, 4.5 inches x 5.25 inches.
  • DIN 10 filter with front cover lens.
  • 2 inch x 4.25 inch viewing area.
  • Flip-up lens adaptor.
  • DIN 10 filter with front cover lens.
Optrel Galaxy Wide-View Welding Helmet
Item No. WLDSPR-K702
Qty    $44.08

Optrel Galaxy Flip-Up Welding Helmet
Item No. WLDSPR-K701
Qty    $48.85



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