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Fibre-Metal Welding Helmets by North Safety

fm 906 helmet   fm 990 helmet

Fibre-Metal Tigerhood� Thermoplastic Welding Hemets

  • Molded from Noryl� a tough weight-to-strength, heat-resistant thermoplastic, Tigerhood helmets feature a unique design that provides extended throat protection while blocking fumes and smoke from the face.
  • Size and shape allow air to circulate, to help clear any smoke and fumes that seep in.
  • Air circulation also evaporates perspiration in the perforated sweatband for a cooling effect.
  • If hazardous fumes are present, appropriate respirators must be worn.
  • Molded-in colors eliminate chipping, peeling and fading; and smooth, seamless shell deflects sparks and spatter, reducing the risk of burn-through.
  • Gold and silver coating process exceeds standards for abrasion, adhesion, wear and weathering and deflects heat to lower the temperature for welder comfort.
  • Exclusive, 3-C free-floating headgear with multiple wearing adjustments comfortably accommodates protective spectacles and respirators.
  • Available with the Quick-Lok system for long-term combination use and with the adjustable Speedy Loop system for frequent on and off use with protective caps.
  • Fibre-Metal welding helmets are SEI certified.
  • Available in different colors.  Gray model shown here.
  fm 2090 helmet

Fibre-Metal Tigerhood� Futura Welding Helmets

  • Tigerhood Futura Welding Helmets feature a streamlined shape and non-stripping, 3-C free-floating headgear.
  • Wide vision, 4-1/2 inch x 5-1/4 inch.
  • Available in wide vision style (2090) that features 24 square inches of viewing area and in lift-front glassholder 2006.
  •  Both styles feature an easy-to-use front loading glassholder for enhanced production and reduced downtime.
  • Comes complete with a shade 10 filter plate installed.
  • Performance features include heat, high-impact, scratch and crack, and chemical-resistant design.
  • Provides better dimensional stability even at elevated temperatures and a high melting point for extended service life and ultra-smooth finish for shedding spatter better.
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 High Impact.
  • Available in different colors.
Fibre-Metal Tigerhood Helmet w/Standard Glassholder
Item No. WLDFM-910-GY
Qty    $38.36

Fibre-Metal Tigerhood Futura w/Wide Vision, Blue
Item No. WLDFM-2090-B
Qty    $46.11

Fibre-Metal Tigerhood Helmet w/Wide Vision
Item No. WLDFM-990-GY
Qty    $43.93

Fibre-Metal Tigerhood Futura w/Wide Vision, Black
Item No. WLDFM-2090-BK
Qty    $44.61

Fibre-Metal Tigerhood Helmet w/Molded-In Glassholder, Quick-Lok System
Item No. WLDFM-4906-GY
Qty    $47.79

Fibre-Metal Tigerhood Futura w/Lift-Front Glass Holder, Black
Item No. WLDFM-2006-BK
Qty    $57.49

Fibre-Metal Tigerhood Helmet w/Molded-In Glassholder, Speedy Loop System
Item No. WLDFM-5906-GY
Qty    $48.63


Fibre-Metal FMX� Welding Helmets

  • Designed with the Xtra features welders want at a price you can afford, the FMX welding helmets offer cutting-edge style and industry exclusive benefits.
  • Features full-wrap, heat-and-scratch-resistant graphics, an extremely lightweight 18 oz. full-size ADF helmet, and proprietary shell polymer for high-impact durability.
  • ADF electronics offer reliable switching with high quality optics, selectable shade controls 9-13, and a 2-year warranty on ADF lens.
  • Adjustable non-slip/strip 3C ratchet headgear provides custom fit and multiple adjustment options to help position the ADF in front of your eyes, and exclusive free-floating arms evenly distribute weight for maximum comfort.
  • Lighest-weight full-size welding helmet available.
  • Lifetime limited warranty on helmet/headgear.

fm fmx helmets
          FMX Flame                       FMX Demon                   FMX Spirit of America

fm fmx helmets
FMX Sapphire Red, Sapphire Blue
fm fmx helmets
             FMX Wire Burner

     (Sapphire Black not shown)

Fibre-Metal FMX Flame Helmet
Item No. WLDFM-2999BV913X1
Qty    $331.39

Fibre-Metal FMX Wire Burner Helmet
Item No. WLDFM-2999BV913X3
Qty    $331.39

Fibre-Metal FMX Demon Helmet
Item No. WLDFM-2999BV913X2
Qty    $331.39

Fibre-Metal FMX Master Sapphire Red Helmet
Item No. WLDFM-2999BV913X10
Qty    $331.39

Fibre-Metal FMX Spirit of America Helmet
Item No. WLDFM-2999BV913X4
Qty    $331.39

Fibre-Metal FMX Master Sapphire Blue Helmet
Item No. WLDFM-2999BV913X9
Qty    $331.39

Fibre-Metal FMX Master Sapphire Black Helmet
Item No. WLDFM-2999BV913X8
Qty    $331.39



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