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Welding Protective Clothing

Ansell welders sleeves 59-406  

Ansell Welder's Sleeves (59-406)

  • Ideal for both thermal and flame protection.
  • Lightweight and breathable FR Kevlar® Blend fabric provides protection from the high heat and open flame of welding torches and superior cut resistance over cotton or light denim sleeves.
  • Applications include aerospace, automotive and durable goods operations.
  • Starting at just $14 each, sold in packs of 6 sleeves.
Ansell Welder's Sleeves, 6/Pk

weldas jacket

Weldas® Leather Jacket

  weldas leather jacket

Weldas® Leather Sleeve/Cotton FR Jacket

  • 30 inch jacket made from golden brown leather.
  • Designed to stand up to tough welding environments providing long-lasting protection.
  • Snap front closure.
  • Inside pocket; collar.
  • An economic choice.
  • 30 inch jacket is a combination of top-grade leather and 9 oz. fire retardant cotton.
  • The blue fire retardant jacket features a snap front closure.
  • Sleeves made from golden leather.
  • Superior protection and flexibility.
Weldas Leather Jacket

Weldas Leather Sleeve/Cotton FR Jacket


weldas cape sleevesweldas cape sleeves  

Weldas® Cape Sleeves & Leather Bib

  • Weldas cape sleeves are made with high quality golden brown leather.
  • Comfortable, heat resistant and durable.
  • Sewn with Kevlar® thread.
  • Utilizes a secure and easy snap system for bib aprons (sold separately).
Weldas Cape Sleeves

Weldas Leather Bib for Cape Sleeves

weldas split leg apron  

Weldas® Leather Chaps

  • Premium, side-split cowhide.
  • Bourbon brown.
  • Size Large, 40 inch length.

Weldas Leather Chaps
Qty    $58.51

weldas apron

Weldas® Leather Bib Apron

  • Weldas bib aprons are made from top-quality golden brown leather.
  • Sewn with Kevlar® thread.
  • Equipped with a buckle-strap design and an accessory pocket.
  • Designed for all day comfort and protection.
Weldas Leather Bib Apron




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