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Stearns Water Survival Suits & Accessories


Type S Cold Water Immersion Suits

  • Made with 5 mm stretchable, flame-retardant neoprene for quality anti-hypothermia protection.
  •  Generous fit for easy donning.
  • Features buddy line, lifting harness and head pillow accessory.
  • Each suit comes in color-coded storage bag.
  • Adult sizes for small-oversize.
  • International orange.
  • USCG Approved and complies with SOLAS 74/96 and European MED.
  • MFR Part No's:  2000008111, 2000008112, 2000008113 & 2000008114.
  • Replaces I590-ORG series (Old MFR part no.).
  • Adult size starts at just $413.
  Stearns Type S Cold Water Immersion Suit Stearns i590 cold water immersion suit
Stearns Type S Cold Water Immersion Suit


Stearns i595
Ice Rescue Suit

  • One-piece suit made of 100% closed-cell neoprene.
  • Provides buoyancy and insulation.
  • Features off-set zipper for better face seal and flap, attached gloves, waterproof zipper and sealed seams.
  • Includes wrist pocket to hold ice picks, reinforced knees and elbows for long-lasting durability, thick-soled boot with tread for sure footing, and integral chest harness with stainless steel front and back D-rings.
  • Uses 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material, SOLAS-grade 3150-A PS with adhesive backing on front and back panels for high visibility.
  • Individual storage bag included.
  • Designed for rescue operations in extreme cold water and ice conditions.
  • Adult sizes.
  • International orange.
  • Not USCG approved.
  • NEW MFR Part No's:  2000027421, 2000027422, 2000027423.
  • As low as $595.
  Stearns ice rescue suit
Stearns i595 Ice Rescue Suit


Stearns i596
Driflex Cold Water Rescue Suit

  • Features Burp Grip™ handle for easier air release in suit.
  • Invisivalve™ allows for continuous purging of air to ensure maximum performance, so user can focus on rescue.
  • Includes additional reflective tape around wrists for greater visibility, large cut, sonic-welded, PU-coated nylon shell, and 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material, SOLAS-grade 6755 on front.
  • Thermal liner provides insulation of Aquafoam™ and nylon surface provides enhanced donning. Meets the needs of fire departments and ice rescue personnel.
  • Adult universal size.
  • International orange.
   stearns cold water rescue suit
The i596 Ice Rescue Suit has been discontinued by Stearns and is no longer available.

  stearns rapid rescue dry suit   Stearns Rapid Rescue Extreme Dry Suit

Rapid Rescue Dry Suits

  • Features waterproof, breathable fabric, internal suspenders for fit, latex waterproof seals around ankles, neck, and wrists, and waterproof entry zipper.
  • Neoprene seal protector around neck.
  • CORDURA® knees and elbows for durability.
  •  Yellow/black.
  • MFR Part No's:  I800Y/B02000,  I800Y/B03000,  I800Y/B04000,  I800Y/B05000,  I800Y/B06000.
  • Just $494.

Rapid Rescue Extreme Dry Suits

  • Made with waterproof, breathable fabric, internal suspenders for fit and Neoprene in front of seals around neck and wrists.
  • Includes waterproof entry zipper, CORDURA® knees and elbows for durability, seal protectors around wrists and neck and relief zipper.
  • Built-in waterproof sock, and air purge valve. Features reflective tape around wrists for added visibility.
  • Red/black.
  • MFR Part No's: I805R/B02000, I805R/B03000, I805R/B04000, I805R/B05000, I805R/B06000.
  • All sizes just $665.
Stearns Rapid Rescue Dry Suits

Stearns Rapid Rescue Extreme Dry Suits


stearns anti-exposure work suit stearns anti-exposure work suit
  • Orange (I580ORG) changed to new part numbers:
  • Orange/Black (I580O/B) changed to new part numbers:
  • All sizes just $489.

Challenger Anti-Exposure Work Suits

  • Offers 100% sealed seam integrity for hypothermia protection and comfort.
  • Made with double layer of durable nylon fabric in seat and knees. 
  • Urethane-coated, exterior storm flap has hook and loop tape closure over heavy-duty zipper.
  • Insulated hood includes manually inflated head support for optimum visibility.
  • Includes 62 sq. in. of 3M'M Scotchlite™ Reflective Material, SOlAS-grade 6755. Minimum 15-1/2 lb. buoyancy.
  • USCG Approved, Type IIIN.
  • Features:
  • Neoprene wrist closures.
  • Adjustment straps on ankles, thighs and wrists.
  • Roomy pockets and hand warmer pockets.
  • Adjustable waist belt and leg zippers for easy on and off over work boots.
  • Designed to keep you warm on the boat and in the water.
Stearns Challenger Anti-Exposure Work Suits, Orange

Stearns Challenger Anti-Exposure Work Suits, Orange/Black

Stearns Ring Buoy

Stearns Ring Buoy

  Stearns Water Activated Light

Stearns Water Activated LED Light

  • Type IV Ring Buoy.
  • Industrial 30" dia. ring buoy molded from high-impact linear,
    low-density polyethylene for superior life expectancy in the most severe environmental conditions.
  • Encircling rope is replaceable.
  • REF style features SOLAS grade, 3150-A PS.
  • 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material with adhesive backing.
  •  For use with quick-release ring buoy brackets.
  • Bright, flashing strobe automatically turns on when it comes in contact with water.
  • Can be manually turned off with the flick of a switch.
  • Compact design and attachment loops that accommodate up to 2" of webbing make this ideal to be kept on PFDs.
  • Meets USCG and SOLAS requirements.
  • Sold in 3 packs.
Stearns Ring Buoy
Item No. PPESTN-I030ORG-00-REF
Qty    $96.38

Stearns Water Activated LED Light, 3/Pk
Item No. PPESTN-I916LTE-00-00
Qty    $87.98

Stearns Buoy Rope

Stearns Ring Buoy Rope with Bag

  Stearns Rescue Mate Bag

Stearns Rescue Mate™ Bag w/Rope

  • Buoy bags are orange.
  • 90 feet yellow, floating polypropylene rope included.
  • Durable 1000-denier Cordura® bag holds 3/8" braided, floating polypropylene rope strong enough to support up to 1,800 lbs. of tensile pressure.
  • Distinctive orange bag features quick-release carrying strap and features 1" reflective tape around the center for increased visibility, even in the dark.
  • 50 feet rope included.
Stearns Ring Buoy Rope Bag w/90 Ft Rope
Item No. PPESTN-I023ORG-00-000
Qty    $49.72

Stearns Rescue Mate Bag w/50 Feet Rope
Item No. PPESTN-I020ORG-00-000
Qty    $52.32



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