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MSA Respiratory Protection

msa 1000

MSA Advantage® 1000 Respirator

  • Full-Face Respirator features a light-weight, wrap-around, flexible lens to offer a comfortable fit with a wide view.
  • Constructed of super soft Hycar rubber.
  • Low maintenance, requiring only routine filter replacement.
  • NIOSH approved.
  • Features speaking diaphragm & nosecup.
  • Can also be used with Comfo� Classic cartridges when used with adaptors.
  • MFR Part No's 805414, 805408, 805420.
This is NOT the Advantage 1000 Gas Mask.

View the MSA Advantage 1000 Gas Mask in our CBRN product line.
  MSA 3000/3200 Respirator

MSA Advantage® 3000 Respirator

  • Full-Face Respirator incorporates MSA �s global engineering expertise and is designed to meet NIOSH and EN standards.
  • Features a wraparound lens combined with a soft, pliable silicone facepiece that provides a total solution to your air-purifying respirator needs.
  • Utmost in convenience, Advantage 3000 uses the same cartridges and filters as the Advantage 200LS Respirator.
  • Enhances worker performance through a new design that allows even lower breathing resistance and includes a standard nosecup that reduces fogging in low temperatures or high humidity conditions.
  • The facepiece lens has a scratch resistant coating and has been engineered to be optically correct, giving you superior visibility and peripheral vision.
  • The lens, which exceeds the performance requirements of ANSI Z87.1, eliminates distortion.
  • Advantage 3200 is the twin-port version pictured above.
  • MFR Part No's:  10028996, 10028995 & 10028997.
  • Just $235.
MSA Advantage 1000 Full-Face Respirator

MSA Advantage 3000 Full-Face Respirator


MSA 200LS half face respirator    MSA 200LS half face respirator

MSA Advantage® 200 LS Respirator -
Dual Strap or Single Strap

  msa advantage 400

MSA Advantage® 420 Respirator

  • This half-face respirator offers unmatched fit and comfort with a clear blue facepiece.
  • Thermoplastic rubber subtracts 25% of the weight and adds softness to MSA's Advantage 200 LS respirator.
  • Patented MultiFlex� System equalizes pressure on the face-seal area, while delivering exceptional stability, so the respirator will not collapse during wear.
  • The AnthroCurve sealing surface instantly conforms to each wearer�s unique facial characteristics.
  • The Advantage 200 LS respirator is approved by NIOSH for use against a variety of respiratory hazards.
  • Dual Strap MFR Part No's:  815696, 815692, 815700 (shown in left picture above).
  • Single Strap MFR Part No's: 815448, 815444 & 815452 (shown in right picture above).
  • Starting at just $43.
  • Sold in 3 Packs.
  • With its UniBond over-mold facepiece, AnthroCurve� face seal, and low profile design, the Advantage 400 Respirator series is the superior option for respiratory protection.
  • The over-mold facepiece and face seal ensure the unit provides an excellent fit and comfort to the wearer.
  • Unique yoke and harness design (patent pending) allows a user to easily don and doff the state-of-the-art respirator while maintaining a customized fit.
  • Other features include a ComforTop headband, a built-in moisture release chin cup hole, and the extra-wide head and neck straps.
  • The only MSA respirator that is 100% latex free.
  • Sold in 3 Packs.
  • MFR Part No's: 10102182, 10102183 & 10102184.
MSA Advantage 200 LS Half-Face Respirator, Dual Strap, 3/Pack

MSA Advantage 420 Half Face Respirator, 3/Pack

MSA Advantage 200 LS Half-Face Respirator, Single Strap, 3/Pack


Information About MSA Cartridges and Filters

Abbreviations Used:
  • OV = Organic Vapor
  • CL = Chlorine *
  • SD = Sulfer Dioxide *
  • CD = Chlorine Dioxide *
  • HC = Hydrogen Chloride *
  • HS = Hydrogen Sulfide *
  • AM = Ammonia
  • MA = Methylamine
  • FM = Formaldehyde
  • HF = Hydrogen Flouride
  • MV = Mercury Vapor
  • * Acid Gases (AG)

View MSA Cartridge Wall Chart  pdf

Visit MSA Response Guide website  

If you need help selecting the cartridges you need,
please contact MSA Tech Support @ 800-672-2222
  The three categories of resistance to filter efficiency degradation are labeled N, R, and P:
  • N = NOT resistant to oil
  • R = resistant to oil
  • P = oil-proof.
  • N Respirators may be used for particulate aerosols free of oil (non-oil).  Time use limits apply.
  • R Respirators may be used particulate aerosols containing oil.  Time use limits apply.
  • P Respirators may be used for all particulate aerosols.  No time restrictions apply, the limitations are hygiene and breathing resistance.
  • N95-Particulate Filter (95% filter efficiency level) effective against particulate aerosols free of oil; time use restrictions may apply.
  • R95-Particulate Filter (95% filter efficiency level) effective against all particulate aerosols; time use restrictions may apply.
  • P100-Particulate Filter (99.97% filter efficiency level) effective against all particulate aerosols.

MSA Cartridges Sold As Single Units
(6/Pk = 3 Pairs)


MSA Advantage® Filters & Cartridges:
(Fits Advantage 1000, 3000, 4000 Full Face and 200 & 400 Half Face Respirators)

MSA GMA Organic Vapor Cartridge - 6/pk
Item No. PPEMSA-815355
Qty    $65.33

MSA Flexi-Filter N95 Pad For Advantage Respirator - 6/Pk
Item No. PPEMSA-818346
Qty    $32.09

MSA GMC Cartridge - 6/Pk
Item No. PPEMSA-815357
Qty    $65.33

MSA Flexi-Filter P100 Pad for Advantage Respirator - 6/Pk
Item No. PPEMSA-818342
Qty    $33.35

MSA GME Cartridge - 6/Pk
Item No. PPEMSA-815359
Qty    $70.72

MSA Multi Purpose Low-Profile P100 Cartridge - 6/Pk
Item No. PPEMSA-815369
Qty    $47.89

MSA GMA Organic Vapor/P100 Cartridge - 6/Pk
Item No. PPEMSA-815362
Qty    $113.08

Flexi-Filter P100/OV/Ozone Pad- 6/Pk
Item No. PPEMSA-818343
Qty    $41.98

MSA GMC P100 Cartridge - 6/Pk
Item No. PPEMSA-815364
Qty    $113.08

MSA GME P100 Cartridge - 6/Pk
Item No. PPEMSA-815366
Qty    $115.11


MSA Advantage Replacement Parts:

msa spectacle kit  MSA Spectacle Kit
  MSA Replacement Valve
MSA Spectacle Kit for Advantage Full Facepiece Respirators
MFR Part No's:  816137 & 10029298

MSA Inhalation Valves for Advantage 3000 Respirator, 10/Pk
Item No. PPEMSA-10030788
Qty    $27.54

MSA Replacement Lens for Advantage 3000 Respirator
Item No. PPEMSA-10030786
Qty    $110.56

MSA Exhalation Valves for Advantage 3000 Respirator, 12/Pk
Item No. Item No. PPEMSA-10030789
Qty    $72.31

MSA Advantage Replacement Harness   MSA Advantage 3000 Replacement Harness 

MSA Advantage 3000 Replacement Harness Kit
Item No. PPEMSA-10030794
Qty    $67.27



MSA Respirator Adhesive Peel-Off Cover Lens

  • An assortment of facepiece accessories that provide added lens durability or shading for special applications.
  • Provide a convenient way to add a layer of protection against scratches.
  • Simple adhesive, peel-off backing.
  • Clear lens covers only.  (Smoke-tinted has been discontinued).
MSA Clear Peel-Off Cover Lens for Advantage 1000 Respirator (25 per Box)
Item No. PPEMSA-813832
Qty    $192.37

MSA Clear Peel-Off Cover Lens For Advantage 3000 Respirator  (25 Per Box)
Item No. PPEMSA-10031542
Qty    $69.75

MSA Clear Peel-Off Cover Lens For Ultra Twin Respirator
(25 Per Box)
Item No. PPEMSA-456975
Qty    $118.23


MSA Comfo Classic® Respirator

  • An improved version of the Comfo II respirator, featuring new SoftFeel� facepiece material, which increases the comfort factor dramatically.
  • SoftFeel material is an exclusive new formulation that improves the pliability and softness of both Hycar rubber and silicone, the two facepiece materials available with Comfo Classic respirators.
  • The Comfo Classic respirator features a unique face seal design that gives the wearer an exceptional fit. 
  • Use MSA Cartridge Service Life Calculator to establish a cartridge change-out schedule.
  • Hycar Mfr Part No's: 808075, 808074 & 808076.
  • Silicone Mfr Part No's: 808072, 808071 & 808073.
  • Sold in 3 Packs.

MSA Ultra-Twin® Respirator

  • Features an inturned lip around the edge for a secure, comfortable seal against the face, a large chin cup for easy positioning, as well as five suspension headstraps and roller buckles that hold the facepiece in place while minimizing hair entanglement.
  • Wide polycarbonate lens resists scratching and chemical attack and is held in place by a two-piece lens ring which is color-coded to indicate the size of the facepiece.
  • The Ultra-Twin includes a speaking diaphragm for clear, short-range communications, a nosecup to reduce lens fogging and uses the full line of Comfo cartridges and filters.
  • Use MSA Cartridge Service Life Calculator to establish a cartridge change and schedule.
  • Hycar MFR Part No's: 471298, 471286 & 471310.
  • Silicone MFR Part No's:  480263, 480259 & 480267.
MSA Comfo Classic Half-Face Black Hycar Respirator, 3/Pk

MSA Ultra-Twin Full-Face Black Hycar Respirator

MSA Comfo Classic Half-Face Black Silicone Respirator, 3/Pk

MSA Ultra-Twin Full-Face Black Silicone Respirator


Cartridges and Filters for the Comfo Classic & Ultra-Twin Respirator

MSA Comfo Classic & Ultra-Twin Cartridges

  • All cartridges are interchangeable
  • Color-coded to indicate the type of protection offered.
  • Most cartridges are incinerable.

MSA Cartridges & Filters Sold As Single Units  (6/Pk = 3 Pairs)

MSA Comfo Classic & Ultra-Twin Filters

MSA GMA Organic Vapor Cartridge, 10/Pk
Item No. PPEMSA-464031
Qty    $121.24

MSA N95 Pre-Filter, 10/Pk
Item No. PPEMSA-816662
Qty    $36.04

MSA GMB AG Cartridge, 10/Pk
Item No. PPEMSA-464032
Qty    $121.24

MSA Snap-On Reusable Cover For N95, 10/Pk
Item No. PPEMSA-489353
Qty    $69.86

MSA GMC Organic Vapor/Acid Gas Cartridge, 10/Pk
Item No. PPEMSA-464046
Qty    $121.24

MSA R95 Prefilter, 20/Pk
Item No. PPEMSA-816287
Qty    $88.07

MSA GMD Cartridge, 10/Pk
For Ammonia/Methylamine
Item No. PPEMSA-464033
Qty    $140.65

MSA Snap-On Reusable Cover For R95, 10/Pk
Item No. PPEMSA-489219
Qty    $46.50

MSA GME Multi-Gas Cartridge, 10/Pk
Item No. PPEMSA-492790
Qty    $167.56


Replacement Parts:

MSA Multi-Purpose Low Profile P100 Cartridge, 10/Pk
Item No. PPEMSA-815177
Qty    $143.40

MSA Repacement Lens for Ultra-Twin Respirator
Item No. PPEMSA-10061632
Qty    $97.68

MSA GMA-P100 Organic Vapor Short Stack Cartridge, 6/Pk
Item No. PPEMSA-815186
Qty    $157.65

MSA Comfo Cartridge Adapter for Advantage Series Respirators, 6/Pk
Item No. PPEMSA-809999
Qty    $96.15

MSA GMA Organic Vapor/P100 Cartridge 6/Pk
Item No. PPEMSA-815178
Qty    $149.63

MSA GMC P100 Cartridge, 6/Pk
Item No. PPEMSA-815180
Qty    $149.63


MSA Comfo GME-P100 Super Cartridge, 6/Pk
Item No. PPEMSA-815182
Qty    $157.65


MSA AirHawk II Air Mask SCBA


Please call MSA directly at 800-672-2222 for their
Assemble-To-Order part number, then contact us
with thier MFR part number.

  • Made to Order per your exact configuration.
  • For industrial-hazard applications only - NON-NFPA.
  • Special order item - cannot be cancelled, returned or refunded once ordered.
msa airhawk scba



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