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Bullard Supplied Air Systems

Bullard offers supplied air respiratory solutions for any industry application, both high pressure (compressed air) & low pressure (free air).  Shown below are some low-pressure systems.

    To build a complete system, you need the following:
  • Determine if you are using high pressure (plant-supplied air) or a low pressure (free air pump).
  • Note:  High pressure systems use 1/4 inch airlines; low pressure systems use 1/2 inch airlines.
  • Select the appropriate headgear for your application.
  • Choose the correct air pump for the number of workers using the system.
  • Choose the correct accessories to match the air pump chosen.
  • Bullard offers complete systems or you can buy the individual pieces for custom applications.
This Bullard Supplied Air Product Matrix Chart can guide you through the process.  pdf
Bullard CC20 system

Bullard CC20 Supplied Air Respirator System with EDP Pump

  • CC20 complete system includes:
  • CC20TIC35 Respirator Assembly Tychem Hood.
  • EDP10 Free Air Electric Pump - 10 cfm at 5psig.
  • 100 foot air supply hose (V20100ST).
  • 25 pack of spare cover lens (20LCL).
  • For use in painting, chemical handling & healthcare.
  bullard 88vx low pressure system

Bullard 88VX Supplied Air Respirator System with ADP Pump

  • 88VXSYS is a complete package which includes an 88VX3235 respirator with 46VX nylon cape (28 in length), an ADP20 free-air pump, a V2050ST air supply hose and a Frigitron 2000 Climate control device.
  • Air pump is for two people; complete system is everything for a one-person setup.
  • Note:  Air driven pump requires external air supply.
  • For use in abrasive blasting environments.
Bullard CC20 Supplied Air Respirator System
Qty    $1,960.17

Bullard 88VX Supplied Air Respirator System
Qty    $4,620.05

Bullard Replacement CC20TIC35 Respirator Hood
Qty    $161.29

Bullard Replacement 88VX3235 Respirator and Cape
Item No. PPEBLD-88VX3235
Qty    $913.25


bullard full face respirator system  

Bullard Full-Face Supplied Air System

  • SPEC35 complete system includes:
  • SPEC35 full face respirator, size large.
  • EDP10 Free Air Electric Pump - 10 cfm at 5psig.
  • 100 foot air supply hose (V20100ST).
  • 25 pack of spare cover lens (LC).

Bullard SPEC35 Supplied Air Respirator System
Qty    $2,292.43

bullard full-face air supplied resp

Bullard Full-Face Supplied-Air Respirator

  • Includes:
  • Full face respirator.
  • Flow control valve.
  • Breathing tube.
  • Belt.
  • For use with any free air pump.
Bullard Full-Face Supplied-Air Respirator
Item No. PPEBLD-SPEC35-Size

Bullard Free Air Pump - EDP10

  • Completely mobile and portable.
  • Electric pump supplies air for one hood-style / two half or full face mask airline respirators.
  • Air flow is 10 cfm at 5 psig.
  • The EDP10 is lightweight - only 50 pounds.
   Bullard ADP20 Air Pump
Bullard Free Air Pump - EDP10
Qty    $1,758.10


Bullard Free Air Pump - ADP20

  • Bullard Free Air Pumps are oil-less, so they do not produce carbon monoxide, oil vapor or oil mist.
  • This air driven model is ideal for both general purpose and hazardous duty use.
  • The air driven free-air pump supplies air to four hood-style or six half or full face mask respirators approved to operate at 25 psig or less.
  • Intrinsically safe and offering an inlet drive pressure of 95 psig, air flow is 30 cfm at 5 psig.
  •  The ADP20 is also compatible with the Bullard Frigitron 2000 climate control devices (for one worker).
Bullard ADP20 Free Air Pump
Qty    $3,535.80

EDP 16TE Air Pump

Bullard Free Air Pump - EDP16TE

  • Electric pump supplies air for two hood-style or three half or full face mask airline respirators.
  • Air flow is 16 cfm at 5 psig.
  • Available in a hazardous-duty version (EDP16HAZ).
  • Totally enclosed.
Bullard Free Air Pump - EDP16TE
Qty    $3,487.96

Bullard Free Air Pump - EDP16HAZ
Item No. Item No. BLD-EDP16HAZ
Qty    $3,935.99


Replacement Filters for all Bullard Pumps

  • Bullard recommends changing air filters every 200 hours.
  • Sold in 2 packs.
Bullard Air Pump Outlet Filter, 2/Pk
Item No. PPEBLD-S17101
Qty     $94.43

Bullard Air Pump Inlet Filter, 2/Pk
Item No. PPEBLD-23611
Qty    $72.18

Bullard Low Pressure/Free Air Supplied Air Respiratory Accessories

  • Bullard offers a complete line of supplied-air respiratory accessories.
  • Each of the items is made with the same quality that has been associated with the Bullard brand of products.
  • Items include those you need to build a complete supplied-air system, as well as those items you will need to properly maintain an existing supplied-air system.

Bullard Supplies For The CC20 System:

bullard 20ticn

Bullard Supplies For The 88VX System:

Bullard Frigitron 2000
Bullard Replacement Tychem Hoods for Use w/CC20 System
  • Not for abrasive blasting.
  • Double bib hoods for use with hard hats.
  Bullard Frigitron 2000 Cool Tube Assembly
  • Cools incoming air supply up to 20 degrees F.
  • For use with ADP20 free air pump.
  • NOT compatible with EDP free air pumps.
Bullard 20TIC Tychem QC Hood w/ Inner Bib and Suspension, 10/Pk
Qty    $549.94

Bullard Frigitron 2000
Item No. PPEBLD-FRIG-2000
Qty    $487.80

Bullard 20TICN Tychem QC Hood w/ Inner Bib, No Suspension, 10/Pk
Qty    $452.98

  bullard 46vx cape
Bullard 20TICH Tychem QC Hood w/ Inner Bib, No Suspension, 5/Pk
Qty    $276.64

Bullard 28 Inch Nylon Cape, Tan
Item No. PPEBLD-46VX
Qty    $194.58


bullard 20rt 
  bullard 88vxrtp
Bullard Adjustable Ratchet Headband Suspension, 2/Pk
Item No. PPEBLD-20RT
Qty    $56.63

Bullard Ratchet Suspension For 88VX Respirator w/Air Plenum, 2/Pk
Qty    $91.84

bullard v35   bullard evx35
Bullard Breathing Tube w/ 1/2 Inch Hansen Fitting For CC20
Item No. PPEBLD-V35
Qty    $224.36

Bullard Breathing Tube w/ 1/2 Inch Hansen Fitting For 88VX
Qty    $190.61

 bullard lens covers   bullard lens covers
Bullard Mylar Peel-Off Lens Cover, 3/Pk
For Use w/20TIC Series Hoods Above (25/pack)
Qty    $125.58

Bullard Mylar Peel-Off Lens Covers, 3/Pk
For Use w/88VX System, 25/pack
Item No. PPEBLD-7714
Qty    $131.88

Bullard Peel-Off Lens Covers for SPEC35 Respirator, 3/Pk
Qty    $129.67

Bullard Acetate Inner Lens For 88VX, 25/Pk
Item No. PPEBLD-P771B
Qty    $116.68

bullard 100 ft hose - 5458  
Bullard PETG Outer Lens For 88VX, 50/Pk
Item No. PPEBLD-P771020
Qty    $109.15

Bullard V20 Starter Air Hose For Free-Air Pumps


Bullard High Pressure/Plant Air Supplied Air Respiratory Systems & Accessories

bullard 88vx3230

Bullard 88VX System for Compressed Air

  bullard ac1000
  • Cools incoming air by at least 30 degrees F.
Bullard Cool Tube Assembly
Item No. PPEBLD-AC1000
Qty    $259.96

  • This advanced respirator assembly includes an 88VX Series Respirator with a durable 46VX nylon cape (28 in length) and an EVX30 breathing tube assembly with Industrial Interchange (Hansen compatible) nipple, and nylon belt.
  • Also Features an inner and outer lens with Mylar lens covers.
  • For use with compressed air (high pressure).
  • Requires CO filtration panel w/CO monitor (sold separately).
  bullard hc2400
  • Heats or cools incoming air by at least 30 degrees F.
Bullard Respirator Assembly w/ Cape, 1/4 Inch Hansen
Item No. PPEBLD-88VX3230
Qty    $913.25

Bullard Hot/Cold Tube Assembly
Item No. PPEBLD-HC2400
Qty    $437.72

bullard evx30   bullard v10 air hose
Bullard EVX30 Breathing Tube, 1/4 Inch Hansen For 88VX
Qty    $158.60

Bullard V10 Starter Hose (3/8 in), For Compressed Air, 25 Ft
Item No. PPEBLD-4696-25
Qty    $169.68

Please call for other systems and
CO filtration panels & monitors.

Bullard V10 Extension Hose (3/8 in), For Compressed Air


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