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3Mô GVP-Series PAPR

  • The GVP belt-mounted Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) provides high level protection and exceptional performance.
  • These systems are available with helmets, head covers, loose-fitting and tight-fitting facepieces.
  • Complete systems (PAPR Assembly, Facepiece & Breathing Tube) are NIOSH-approved.
  • Complete assembly units available, as well as individual parts and accessories.

3M 901 Speedglas helmet

3Mô L-901SG Wide-View Faceshield

  • 3M L-901 Speedglas helmet replaces the L-501 and L-701 helmets which have been discontinued.
  • May be configured for use with either GVP or Adflo turbo units and Supplied Air.
  • Uses the L-122 breathing tube.

3Mô L-122 Breathing Tube

  • For use with any of the L-Series headgear.
  • Attaches to the opening on the headgear and the lower end is attached to the air control device.
3M L-901SG Wide-View Faceshield
Item No. PPE3M-L-901SG
Qty    $537.35

3M L-122 Breathing Tube
Item No. PPE3M-L-122
Qty    $99.81

View the complete 3Mô GVP Product Matrix pdf

3M M-105 faceshield

3Mô M-105 Faceshield w/Standard Visor and Faceseal

  3M M-305

3Mô M-305 Respiratory Hardhat Assembly w/Visor and Faceseal

3M Versaflo M-105 Faceshield w/Standard Visor and Faceseal
Item No. PPE3M-M-105
Qty    $231.86

3M M-305 Respiratory Hardhat Assembly
Item No. PPE3M-M-305
Qty    $378.12

3M M-405 helmet

3Mô M-405 Helmet w/Standard Visor and Shroud

  • M-400 Series headgear.
  • provide respiratory (OSHA APF=1000) and limited head (ANSI Z89.1-2003 Type 1 Class G) and eye (ANSI Z87.1-2010) protection.
  3m bt30 breathing tube

3Mô BT-30 Length Adjusting Breathing Tube

  • For use with any M-Series headgear.
  • Includes adaptor for use with GVP PAPR systems.
3M Versaflo M-405 Helmet w/Standard Visor and Shroud
Qty  $470.98

3M BT-30 Breathing Tube
Item No. PPE3M-BT-30
Qty    $65.13


3M GVP PAPR Assembly

3Mô GVP-1 Assembly

  • PAPR Unit,  GVP-100
  • Power Cord,  GVP-110
  • NiCd Battery Pack,  GVP-111
  • Battery Charger,  GVP-112
  • Flow Meter,  GVP-113
  • Blower Plugs,  GVP-115
  • Waist Belt,  GVP-127
3M GVP-1 Assembly
Item No. PPE3M-GVP-1
Qty    $843.94

3M GVP Assembly w/comfort belt

3Mô GVP-CB Assembly

  • Same unit as above except with comfort belt instead of standard waist belt.
3M GVP-CB Assembly
Qty    $968.78


Replacement Parts for the GVP Assembly

gvp blower

3Mô GVP-100 Blower

  gvp flow meter

3Mô GVP-113 Flow Meter

3M GVP-100 Blower
Item No. PPE3M-GVP-100

Qty    $434.82

3M GVP-113 Flow Meter
Item No. PPE3M-GVP-113
Qty    $52.97

gvp battery charger

3Mô GVP-112 Battery Charger

  3M GVP battery

3Mô GVP-111 Battery Pack

3M GVP-112 Battery Charger
Item No. PPE3M-GVP-112
Qty    $118.81

3M GVP-111 Battery Pack
Item No. PPE3M-GVP-111
Qty    $397.34

gvp power cord

3Mô GVP-110 Power Cord

  gvp waist belt

3Mô GVP-127 Waist Belt

3M GVP-110 Power Cord
Item No. PPE3M-GVP-110
Qty    $118.21

3M GVP-127 Waist Belt
Item No. PPE3M-GVP-127
Qty    $47.30

3m gvp spark arrestor

3Mô GVP Spark Arrest Cover

  gvp comfort belt

3Mô CB-1000 GVP Comfort Belt

3M GVP Spark Arrest Cover
Item No. PPE3M-GVP-146
Qty    $54.90

3M CB-1000 GVP Comfort Belt
Item No. PPE3M-CB-1000
Qty    $128.69


3M GVP cartridge

3Mô Cartridges for use with the GVP PAPR Series

Acid Gas = Chlorine, Hydrogen Chloride, Sulfur Dioxide, Chlorine Dioxide, Hydrogen Fluoride, Hydrogen Sulfide
3M GVP440 - HEPA Filter
Case of 8
Item No. PPE3M-GVP-440
Qty    $312.05  

3M GVP443 - HEPA/Organic Vapor/Acid Gas Cartridge, Case of 6
Item No. PPE3M-GVP-443
Qty    $540.42  

3M GVP441 - HEPA/Organic Vapor Cartridge
Case of 6
Item No. PPE3M-GVP-441
Qty    $530.64  

3M GVP444 - HEPA/Ammonia/Methylamine Cartridge
Case of 6
Item No. PPE3M-GVP-444
Qty    $671.76  

3M GVP442 - HEPA/Acid Gas Cartridge, Case of 6
Item No. PPE3M-GVP-442
Qty    $532.36  

3M GVP445 - HEPA/Formaldehyde Cartridge
Case of 6
Item No. PPE3M-GVP-445
Qty    $604.88 



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