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3M™ Air-Mate™ HEPA PAPR System

The 3M™ Air-Mate™ PAPR has been discontinued as of June, 2017. 

The recommended replacement is the 3M™ Versaflo™ TR-300

We still have limited quantities of most Air-Mate supplies.

Please call to confirm availability.
3m be12 head cover

3M™ Tychem® QC Head Cover

  3m be10 head cover

3M™ Tychem® QC Hood

3M Tychem QC Head Cover - White, 3 Pack
Item No. PPE3M-BE-12-3

3M Tychem QC Hood - White, 3 Pack
Item No. PPE3M-BE-10-3


3m airmate breathing tube   3M Breathing Tube Covers 

3M™ Air-Mate™ Breathing Tube

  • For use with all BE-10 & BE-12 headgear w/the Air-Mate PAPR.
  • Old MFR Part No's: 008-00-14R01, 520-03-63.
  • NEW MFR Part No. BE-224

3M™ Air-Mate™ Breathing Tube Covers

  • Disposable plastic breathing tube covers.
  • For Air-Mate PAPR and BT Series Breathing Tubes.
  • Sold in 10 packs.
3M Air-Mate Breathing Tube
Item No. PPE3M-BE-224
Qty    $89.54

3M Breathing Tube Covers, 10/Pk
Item No. PPE3M-W-3228-10
Qty    $25.00

3M™ Air-Mate Air Flow Indicator
  3M Air-Mate Flow Indicator
3M Air-Mate Air Flow Indicator (Single)
Item No. PPE3M-021-14-00R01
Qty    $15.00

3M Air-Mate Air Flow Indicator, 5/Pk
Item No. PPE3M-021-14-00R05
Qty    $65.00


3M Air-Mate PAPR

3M™ Air-Mate™ HEPA PAPR Assembly

3M Air-Mate Turbo Blower Unit
Turbo Blower Unit ONLY.
All other parts sold separately.

3M Air-Mate Turbo Assembly
Item No. PPE3M-231-01-30
Qty    $250.00


These Air-Mate products are from our network of surplus suppliers.  They may have been sitting in warehouses for some time but are still in very good condition.   

Battery packs may be after-market stock and we cannot guarantee how long they will last.  All are fully tested and working when shipped and they should last for a long time.

Prices are determined by acquisition costs.  Unfortunately, those who still have any of these products know they are in high demand and hold out for over-the-top premium prices which is beyond our control. 

3M Air-Mate replacment HEPA filter

3M™ Air-Mate™ Replacement HEPA Filter

  3M Air-Mate battery

3M™ Air-Mate™ Replacement Battery

  • Replacement filter for 3M™ Air-Mate™ High Efficiency Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) Systems.
  • Sold individually.
  • These may be outside expiration date.
  •  As these are only HEPA filters, which are essentially plastic and paper, the expiration is really not an issue (only a reason to buy more every five years). Many hospitals across the country are using expired filters and N95 masks during this Covid-19 crisis.
  • Replacement battery pack for 3M™ Air-Mate™ High Efficiency Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) Systems.
  • Rechargeable, eight hour nickel-cadmium battery.
3M Air-Mate High Efficiency Replacement Filter
Item No. PPE3M-451-02-01R01
Qty    $92.53

3M Battery Pack for Air-Mate PAPR
Item No. PPE3M-007-00-15R01
Qty    $299.58

3m air-mate charger

3M™ Air-Mate™ Single Battery, Smart Charger

  • Used to charge battery contained in PAPR unit.
  • This charger is also for the BP-17is battery pack.
  3m air-mate charger

3M™ Air-Mate™ External Battery Charging Assembly

  • Used to charge extra batteries NOT contained in PAPR unit.
3M Smart Battery Charger for Air-Mate
Item No. PPE3M-520-03-73
Qty    $279.52

3M Air-Mate External Battery Charging Assembly
Item No. PPE3M-520-04-24
Qty    $69.54

3m air-mate charger

3M Air-Mate
Smart Charging Stations

  • Charge 5 OR 10 Air-Mate PAPRs at once
  • LEDs show battery charge status
  • Automatically switches to trickle mode to prevent overcharging
  • Full re-charge in about 8 hrs
  • This discontinued product is from surplus stock.
  • NOTE:  This is also the charger for the  BP-17is battery pack!
3M 5-Battery Smart Charger for Air-Mate
Item No. PPE3M-520-03-72
Qty    $1,198.48

3M 10-Battery Smart Charger for Air-Mate
Item No. PPE3M-520-01-61
Qty    $1,489.73



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