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North Safety Gloves


North Safety Smitty® Cotton/Acrylic Nitrile Palm Coated Work Glove - Universal Mens & Womens Sizes

  • An excellent general-purpose glove. Cotton/acrylic blend with nitrile palm coating provides a sure grip in handling parts, cartons, glass and general-purpose maintenance.
  • Machine washable or can be dry cleaned.
  • Men's sold per dozen.
  • Women's sold per case of 12 dozen.
  • Made in the USA
North Universal Men's Size Smitty Work Gloves, 12/pr
Item No. PPENOR 81/1162M
Qty   $29.29 

North Universal Women's Size Smitty Work Gloves, 12 Dozen
Item No. PPENOR 81/1162S
Qty    $274.90

North hot mill gloves  

North Grip N® Hot Mill Gloves

  • Durable, flexible cotton gloves.
  • Can withstand extreme temps - up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (intermittent contact).
  • Patterned nitrile coating on both sides.
  • Exceptional grip for handling wet, oily or slick objects.
  • Universal men's size.
  • OLD MFR Part No. 5146.
  • Sold per dozen, just $5.15 per pair.
North Grip N Hot Mill Gloves, 1 Dozen Pair
Item No. PPENOR-51/7147
Qty    $61.84

General Purpose North Safety Gloves
north work easy 50 gloves

North WorkEasy Gloves - WE50

  Northflex NF11

North Northflex™ Red Foamed PVC Coated Gloves - NF11

  • WorkEasy dipped gloves are an economical solution to your hand protection needs.
  •  The polyester liners are lightweight allowing for excellent dexterity.
  • The WE50 features a lightweight, 18 gauge nylon knit with super thin polyurethane coating.
  • Stretches and fits tight to feel like a second skin.
  • An excellent glove for small parts handling and intricate work.
  • Nylon blue shell; gray polyurethane palm.
  • Complete WorkEasy product family available - call for other products.
  • Available in size 8/M, 9/L, 10/XL.
  • Sold per dozen pair.
  • Foamed PVC palm coating on seamless nylon shell.
  • Great abrasion resistance, tactility and dexterity combined with wet & dry grip.
  • Inherent impact and vibration absorption.
  • A great all around general purpose glove.
  • Sold per dozen pair, just $3 per pair.
North WE50 WorkEasy Gloves, 1 Dozen

North Northflex Red Foamed PVC Coated Gloves - NF11, 1 Dozen

north nf13

North Northflex™ Nitri Task Gloves - NF13

  north nf14

North Northflex™ Duro™ Task Gloves - NF14

  • Grey nylon seamless liner.
  • Grey foam nitrile palm coated.
  • Knit wrist.
  • Automotive assembly; general maintenance work; light assembly; small parts handling.
  • The Duro Task has a natural rubber coated palm and a cotton/polyester liner offering the necessary hand protection with both comfort and grip. 
  • Its flexibility makes it a great choice for working with small parts.
  • Can be laundered for additional wear and value.
North Northflex Nitri Task Gloves - NF13, 1 Dozen

North Northflex Duro Task Gloves - NF14, 1 Dozen Pair


North Safety Cut Resistant Northflex™ Gloves

North Safety Sizing Guide:
  • Size 7 = Small
  • Size 8 = Medium
  • Size 9 = Large
  • Size 10 = Extra Large
  north northflex nfkl13

North Northflex™ Nitri Task KL™ Gloves - NFKL13

North Safety NorthFlex™ Selection Guide. pdf  
  • Textured nitrile on a Kevlar/Lycra® blend knit.
  • Llight to medium cut protection (EN level 2) with superior dexterity and grip.
  • For medium mechanical protection where grip and dexterity are important, such as light metal fabrication or glass handling.
Not all gloves are stock items - some may require minimum quantities.  
North Northflex Nitri Task KL Gloves - NFKL13, 1 Dozen Pair

north northflex nff13c

North Northflex™ Nitri Task C5 - NFF13C

  north northflex nfk14

North Northflex™ Duro Task Plus Gloves - NFK14

  • Foamed nitrile coating with an aramid/steel blended shell.
  • Cut level 5 glove that provides workers with a high degree of protection from mechanical hazards, without overly compromising comfort and feel.
  • Textured rubber on a Kevlar® knit.
  • High cut protection (EN level 4) with excellent wet & dry grip.
  • For heavy mechanical protection where wet grip is important.
North Northflex Nitri Task C5 - NFF13C, 1 Dozen Pair

North Northflex Duro Task Plus Gloves - NFK14, 1 Dozen Pair

north nfd15 black

North Northflex™  Light Task II™ Gloves, Black - NFD15B

  north northflex nfd16gdyneema

North Northflex™ Light Task Plus 3™ Gloves - NFD16G

  •  Seamless Dyneema® liner w/bi-polymer blend.
  • EN level 3 cut & puncture resistance.
  • Level 4  abrasion and tear resistance.
  • Superior dexterity and tactility - for medium mechanical protection where tactility and dexterity are paramount, such as handling small, sharp and abrasive parts.
  • Fully laundreable.
  • Polyurethane Palm-Coated Dyneema® Glove.
  • Cut level 3 glove offers twice the cut resistance of a cut level 2 glove.
  •  Workers accustomed to wearing a lighter cut level 2 glove will appreciate the dexterity, tactility, and lightweight feel retained by this new generation cut-resistant glove.
North Northflex Light Task II Gloves - NFD15, Black, 1 Dozen Pair

North Northflex Light Task Plus 3 Gloves - NFD16G, 1 Dozen Pair


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