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Accessories For Safety Glasses

MCR Hang Cord 

MCR Hang Cord

  • Provides convenient access to safety eyewear.
  • Encourages greater compliance, keeping your safety eyewear right where you need it, but still out of the way.
  • Black.
  • Sold 25 cords per bag.
   uvex fog eliminator cloths

Uvex Fog Eliminator Cloths

  • Fog eliminator cloths protect against the potentially dangerous temporary loss of vision that occurs when lenses fog up.
  • Reusable and safe for all types of lenses and lens coatings.
  • Each cloth provides multiple applications.
  • Streak and film free, alcohol and silicone free.
  • Non-flammable, non-toxic, individually wrapped.
  • Sold 100 cloths per box.
MCR Safety Deluxe Eyeglass Cord, Black, 25/Bag
Item No. PPEMCR-215
Qty    $48.21

Uvex Fog Eliminator Cloths, 1 Box
Item No. PPEUVX-S477
Qty    $122.72

uvex clean towelettes

Uvex Clear® Lens Cleaning Towelettes

  uvex cleaning tissue

Uvex Clear® Lens Cleaning Tissues

  • Uvex Clear lens cleaning products are specifically designed for anti-fog and scratch-resistant hardcoats.
  • Does not contain silicone.
  • 100 pre-moistened towelettes per dispenser box.
  • Sold 6 boxes per case.
  • High absorbency, non-abrasive tissues are specially formulated for anti-fog and scratch-resistant hardcoats.
  • Tough enough to get the grime and grit off your safety eyewear, but gentle enough not to leave abrasive marks.
  • For optimum cleaning results, use with Uvex Clear cleaning solution (see below).
  • 500 tissues per dispenser box.
  • Sold 6 boxes per case.
Uvex Clear Lens Cleaning Towelettes, 6/Pk
Item No. PPEUVX-S468
Qty    $59.57

Uvex Clear Lens Cleaning Tissues, 6/Pk
Item No. PPEUVX-S462
Qty    $22.22

Uvex lens cleaning station

Uvex Permanent Lens Cleaning Station

uvex lens cleaning station

Uvex Disposable Lens Cleaning Station

  • Easy to use, easy to install and helps to remind employees to frequently clean their safety eyewear.
  • Refill capabilities eliminate the need to replace the entire system.
  • Unit includes (1) bottle of 16 oz. Uvex Clear cleaning solution, (4) boxes of 500 tissues, 3-1/2 x 4-1/4 inch mirror.
  • Screw mounts and adhesive foam for quick mounting.
  • Sold in 4 packs.
  • Portable station is ideal for construction sites or remote locations where a permanent access location is not available.
  • Unit includes everything needed to keep your eyewear clean and in good condition.
  •  (1) 16 oz. Uvex Clear lens cleaning spray bottle and 500 tissues, encased in a disposable box.
  • Sold in 6 packs.
Uvex Clean Permanent Lens Cleaning Station, 4/Pk
Item No. PPEUVX-S461
Qty    $148.21

Uvex Disposable Lens Cleaning Station, 6/Pk
Item No. PPEUVX-S467
Qty    $76.39


uvex 16 oz cleaning refill

Uvex Lens Cleaning Solution Refill - 16 Ounce Spray Bottle

  • Sold 12 bottles per case.
  uvex 1 gal lens solution refill

Uvex Lens Cleaning Solution Refill - 1 Gallon

  • Sold 4 gallons per case.
Uvex Lens Cleaning Solution, 16 oz, 12/Pk
Item No. PPEUVX-S463
Qty    $48.06

Uvex Lens Cleaning Solution, 1 Gallon, 4/Pk
Item No. PPEUVX-S464
Qty    $65.37


crews lens towelettes

CREWS Lens Cleaning Towelettes


Crews safety glass cleaning station 

CREWS Lens Cleaning Station

  • Towelettes are pre-moistened with anti-fog and anti-static cleaning solution.
  • Each box contains (100) individually wrapped towelettes.
  • Sold 10 boxes per case.
  • Lens cleaning station contains (1) 8 oz. bottle of anti-fog, anti-static cleaning spray and (2) boxes of (300) tissues.
  • Ready to hang on wall.
  • Sold 6 per case.
CREWS Lens Cleaning Towelettes, 10/Pk
Qty    $62.24

CREWS Lens Cleaning Station, 6/Pk
Qty    $39.84

bouton slip-on side shields

Bouton Slip-On Sideshields

  bouton side shields

Bouton Slip-On Universal Flexible Sideshields

  • Slip-On Sideshields are designed to fit all types of eyewear.
  • Ideal for visitors and temporary workers.
  • Provide a quick and inexpensive way to ensure lateral eye protection.
  • Sold 50 pair per box.
  • Flex Sideshields are molded to a flexible softness, designed to absorb the energy of impact.
  • Simply weave through the temple to install.
  • Universal size.
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1-2003 High Impact.
  • Sold 20 pair per box.
Bouton Slip-On Sideshields, 50 Pair
Item No. PPEBTN-99700
Qty    $29.50

Bouton Slip-On Flexible Sideshields, 20 Pair
Item No. PPEBTN-99705
Qty    $55.68

bouton towlettes

Bouton Safety Clean™ Pre-Moistened Towelettes

  • Towelettes easily fit in a toolbox, pocket or glove compartment.
  • Each packet contains (1) 5" x 8" high-quality, heavy-duty lens cleaning tissue, pre-moistened with anti-fog, anti-static cleaning solution.
  • Silicone-free formula is safe to use on glass and plastic lenses.
  • 100 towlettes per box.
  SAS Visitor Safety Glasses

NSX Visitor's Spectacles
by SAS Safety

  • Lightweight, high-impact polycarbonate lens.
  • Wraparound design.
  • Provides 99.9% UV protection.
  • Meets current ANSI Z87.1+ standard.
  • Sold per box of 100 pair.
Bouton Safety Clean Towelettes, Box of 100
Item No. PPEBTN-1LCT100
Qty    $69.27

NSX Visitor's Spectacles
Item No. PPESAS-NSX5347
Qty    $103.09


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