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Products for Ebola Virus Disease (EVD)


Kimberly Clark Product Recommendations

  • Kleenguard A60, A70 or A80 coveralls.
  • Fluidshield PFR95 N95 Surgical Mask.
  • Purple-Nitrile gloves.
  • Jackson Safety V80 goggles.

DuPont® Product Recommendations

DuPont protective clothing for Ebola  pdf

  • Tychem QC or SL coveralls.
  • Additional measures may be necessary:  double gloving, disposable shoe covers, additional leg and arm coverings.

3M™ Product Recommendations

3M Ebola Info & FAQ  pdf
  • Recommends PPE for barrier protection:
  • Eye protection (NOT safety glasses), protective clothing, respiratory protection.
  The products offered below are based on  the manufacturer's recommendations.  View these bullitens for more information, proper use and further steps to be taken.

Remember, proper disposal and/or cleaning of contaminated products is an essential factor for a complete preventative program.

Note:  These are individual products that may ship separately.

It is the end-user's responsibility to make sure the products you order are adequate for your needs.  Global Safety Company makes no claims as to the effectiveness against any hazard.  Check with the manufacturer, CDC or other authorities for specific questions & guidelines.

These products are designed for industrial use and it is the end-users responsibility to ensure they are used within the MFR guidelines.  The manufacturer may or may not have tested these against Ebola or other medical hazards.

We CANNOT accept any of these products for return.  The manufacturers consider all sales final.
ebola kit   ebola kit

Ebola PPE - Kit 1

  • Kimberly-Clark A70 coveralls with hood, case of 12.   (MFR p/n 09813-L, 09814-XL, 09815-2X, 09816-3X)
  • Jackson Safety V80 goggles, pack of 3 (MFR p/n 18624)
  • Kimberly-Clark FluidShield PFR95 mask, case of 6 boxes, 35 masks per box  (MFR p/n 46727)
  • Kimberly-Clark Purple nitrile gloves, powder-free,, 4 boxes of 100 gloves.  (MFR p/n 55082-M, 55083-L, 55084-XL)
  • Boots sold separately - see below.

Ebola PPE - Kit 2

  • DuPont QC coveralls with hood, case of 12.  (MFR p/n QC127SYL)
  • Two (2) 3M 6000 series full-face respirators, size large  (call for other sizes).
  • 3M P100 filters, pack of 12.  (MFR p/n 2091)
  • Kimberly-Clark Purple nitrile gloves, powder-free, 4 boxes of 100 gloves. (MFR p/n 55082-M, 55083-L, 55084-XL)
  • Boots sold separately - see below.
Ebola PPE, Kit 1
Qty    $469.08

A70 Coveralls:

Purple Nitrile Gloves:

Ebola PPE, Kit 2
Qty:   $499.08

QC Coveralls:

Purple Nitrile Gloves:


View our complete line of DuPont and Kimberly Clark clothing protection.

3M VersFlo TR300ECK  

3M™ Versaflo™ PAPR - Kit

  • TR-304N PAPR assembly, including:
  •     TR-327 easy clean belt
  •     TR-302N PAPR unit
  •     TR-330 economy battery
  •     TR-3600 Pre-Filter
  •     TR-3710N HE filter
  •     TR-370 filter cover
  • S-533 hood, size large.
  • BT-30 breathing tube.
  • Battery charger, TR-340.
3M VersaFlo PAPR Kit
Item No. PPE3M-VersaKit
Qty    $969.05



Purell® Pump Bottle, 2 Oz.

  • Purell® Instant Had Sanitizer kills 99.99% of most common germs that can make you sick.
  • Good hand hygiene is one of the best preventatives against spread of germs.
  • Not specifically tested for Ebola but an excellent overall antiseptic.

Norcross Servus® Disposable Latex Booties - A352

  • Slip-resistant texturized outsole.
  • 12 inches high.
  • Size Med = 8-9
  • Size Large = 10-11.
  • Size XL = 12-13.
  • Size XXL = 14-15.
  • Sold per dozen pair.
purell 2oz pump   norcross a352
Purell 4 Oz Pump Bottle, Case of 24
Item No. FACGJ-9651-24
Qty    $65.54

Norcross Servus Disposable Latex Boots, 12/Pair
Item No. PPEN-A352-Size


CDC is recommending bleach products for surface disinfectants.


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