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Biosystems Gas Detectors & Monitors
by Sperian / Honeywell

Biosystems Multipro

Biosystems MultiPro Confined Space Gas Detector for O2, CO, LEL & H2S

  multipro sampling pump

BioSystems MultiPro Accessories

  • Biosystem MultiPro MFR Part# 54-48-314A - Four gas detector with alkaline battery.
  • Biosystem MultiPro MFR Part# 54-48-314N  - Four gas detector with Li Ion battery and charger.
  • Biosystem MultiPro MFR Part# 54-48-314NDY  - Four gas detector with Li Ion battery, charger, data logging and vibrating alarm.
  • Biosystem MultiPro MFR Part# 54-48-314NC - Confined Space Kit has been discontinued as of March 1, 2012.
  • Effective Jan1, 2014 all MultiPro units include data logging and vibrating alarm.
Optional Slip-On Motorized Sampling Pump
  • Software controlled continuous flow pump powered by MultiPro battery.
  • Automatic switching between pump & diffusion mode.
  • Automated leak test when pump is attached to the instrument w/low flow indicator.
  • Includes 10 feet of sample tubing.
  • Attached pump shown in picture above.
  • Requires Demand-Flow regulator for use w/sampling pump.
Biosystems MultiPro O2, LEL, CO, H2S Gas Detector w/Vibrating Alarm &  Data Logging, Alkaline
Item No. FACB-54-48-314ADY
BioSystems MultiPro Motorized Sampling Pump
Item No. FACB-54-49-102
Biosystems MultiPro O2, LEL, CO, H2S Gas Detector w/Vibrating Alarm & Data Logging, LiOn
Item No. FACB-54-48-314NDY
Biosystems MultiPro 4 Gas Calibration, 34 Liter
Item No. FACB-54-9049

Visit Honewell Analytics website for more information.

View the MultiPro Reference Manual pdf
Biosystems MultiPro Regulator
Item No. FACB-12-023

All Gas Detectors ship directly from the manufacturer to ensure the full sensor warranty.

Allow approx. 2 weeks for delivery.
  Effective Jan. 1, 2014 all gas detectors are configured with data logging and vibrating alarm.

All previous configuarations have been discontinued.


BiosystemsToxiPro� Single-Gas Detectors

  • ToxiPro O2 - MFR Part#54-45-90VD
  • ToxiPro CO - MFR Part# 54-45-01VD
  • ToxiPro CO+ - MFR Part# 54-45-05 DISCONTINUED
  • ToxiPro CO-H - MFR Part# 54-45-19VD
  • ToxiPro H2S - MFR Part# 54-45-02VD
  • ToxiPro SO2 - MFR Part# 54-45-03VD
  • ToxiPro NO2 - MFR Part# 54-45-09VD
  • ToxiPro PH3 - MFR Part# 54-45-13VD
  • ToxiPro Cl1 - MFR Part# 54-45-18VD
  • ToxiPro ClO2 - MFR Part# 54-45-20 DISCONTINUED
  • ToxiPro NH3 - MFR Part# 54-45-21VD
  • ToxiPro Single Sensor Gas Detectors from Biosystems provide more features at a lower cost than any other single gas detector on the market.
  • ToxiPro is a fully serviceable, reusable gas detector with real-time Peak, STEL and TWA Readings, as well as a black box data recorder.
  • Once activated, unit is "turned on" for life of battery and/or sensor.
  • Bright red LED & 92 db audible alarm. 
  • Vibrating alarm.
  • Replaceable CR2 battery for up to 9,000 hours of service.
  • Replaceable sensor.
  • Data logging available w/BioTrak software (free download).
  • Regulator required for calibration (sold separately).  MFR recommends calibration every 30 days.
  • Calibration gas sold separately.
  • Does not require docking station for calibration.
  • Manufacturer recommends calibrating unit every 30 days.
  • Standard Accessories:  Alligator clip; Calibration adapter; hose; operators guide and quick reference card.
  • Starting at just $379
Biosystems ToxiPro Single-Gas Detector
  Note:  The ToxiLTD, MFR p/n 54-44-01 & 54-44-02, have been discontinued.

docking station  docking station


IQ Docking Stations for ToxiPro & MultiPro

  • The IQ Express Station automatically performs eight procedures, including: instrument identification, battery test, audible alarm test, visual alarm test, vibrating alarm test (if applicable), bump test, fresh air calibration (if necessary) and record-keeping.
  • If the bump test fails, IQ Express will automatically perform a full calibration without intervention from the user. Total processing time, including testing and calibration, is still under one minute.
  • The Enhanced IQ Docking Station may be required for certain gasses.
  • Calibration gas & regulator sold separately.

ToxiPro IQ Enhanced Docking Station
Item No. FACB-54-46-9100
Demand Flow Regulator for use w/IQ Express Docking Station
Item No. FACB-12-061
multipro docking station  

Note:  Calibration Gases May Be Subject to HazMat Shipping Fee
MultiPro IQ Docking Station
Item No. FACB-54-49-9000
MultiPro IQ Docking Station w/Ethernet for Networking
Item No. FACB-54-49-9000N

Biosystesm PHD6

View the PHD6 Data Sheet/Product Matrix

Call with specific configuration for more pricing.


Biosystems PHD6- Available in Multiple Configurations

  • One button operation for daily usage including automatic calibration.
  • Optional Slip-On Pump, software controlled w/low flow alarm and automatic leak test.
  • Standard Blackbox recorder stores a minimum of 63 hours of readings and other data.
  • Available with optional datalogging for convenient and easy downloading to a computer.
  • 5 sensors. Select from O2, LEL, PID and 16 toxic sensors.
  • Use the Duo-Tox two channel CO/H2S sensor to achieve 6 channel functionality.
  • One button auto calibration.
  • Calibration due reminder.
  • Interchangeable alkaline and rechargeable (Li-Ion) battery packs.
  • Up to 24 hours battery life in either configuration.
Standard Accessories:
  • Hand aspirated sample draw kit with 10 feet of tubing, sample probe and replacement filters.
  • Alkaline version includes alkaline battery pack with 3 AA batteries; Li-Ion rechargeable version includes battery pack and charger.
  • Belt clip.
  • Reference Manual.
  • Laminated quick reference card.
  • Calibration adapter(s).
  • Training CD-ROM.

PHD6 calibration gases & regulator sold separately.

Biosystems PHD6 Gas Dectector w/O2,CO,H2S,LEL Sensors, Li-Ion, Data Logging, Vibrating Alarm
BioSystems PHD6 Gas Detector; O2, CO, H2S, LEL & PID; Li-IoN, Data Logging, Vibrating Alarm
Item No. FACB-54-53-A01025280NW


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