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Markel Adhesive Mats & Rollers
for Clean Rooms & More


   Tacky Mats & Bases
   Cuff Sealers
   Cleaning Pads

Markel Trim Tack Tacky Mats

Markel Trim Tack Tacky Mats

Markel Industries Trim Tack® Adhesive Mats

Low Profile Control Mats from Markel are Disposable, Dry & Require No Frames.

  • No elamination (detachment) of sheets.
  • 100% Non-skid adhesive backing secures mat placement and helps prevent under mat contamination and water seepage.
  • Anti-microbial agent is incorporated in all adhesives.
  • Clear installation instructions are printed on each mat.
  • No frame required.
  • Available with Beveled Edge for Ease of Cart Handling
  • Single Door Size 24 x 30
  • Double Door Size 36 x 60
  • Sold per case (40 Sheets/Mat, 3 Mats/Case).
  • Starting at just $60.

Available in Five Colors:
White, Blue, Gray, Yellow & Clear


Markel Industries Trim Tack® Adhesive Mats

The Heart of the Markel System for Controlling Environmental Contaminants:

  • Entrances to clean rooms.
  • Laboratories, Offices, Hospitals.
  • Darkrooms, Plate making rooms.
  • Shop Rooms and Construction areas.
  • HazMat control.
  • Trim Tack II (TTII or TT2) also available.
  • Available in Variety of Sizes:
  •    18x36, 18x45
  •    24 x 30, 24x36, 24x45
  •    36x36, 36x45
  •    36x60


Markel Industries Trim Tack Adhesive Mats

Note color choice in comments at check-out   (Optional Mat Base Sold Separately)

All Markel products are manufactured in the USA

Markel Tacky Mat Base

Markel Industries Mat Base

Now You Have the Freedom to Place Your Adhesive Floor Mats Anywhere - Anytime!
  • Mat Bases are composed of rigid PVC foam, with a non-skid rubber backing.
  • Mat Bases are sized to accommodate a wide range of standard adhesive floor mats.
  • Slim 3/16 in. profile.
  • Available for all mat sizes.
  • Mat Bases match adhesive mat size.
  • Available in white only.

Gray & Beige colors have been discontinued - only availbe in White.

Markel Industries Mat Base

The Mat Base Extends Your Control of Contaminants
  • The Mat Base from Markel Industries is designed to allow users of adhesive floor mats to mount their mats to a movable base instead of being limited to securing the mat directly onto the floor.
  • Mat Bases permit the installation of mats in areas where it is not normally possible to adhere mats directly to the floor, such as carpeted areas.
  • In addition, a Mat Base is convenient to use in areas where it is important to be able to mop or clean the areas where the floor mat is located.
  • Mat Bases come in a wide assortment of sizes and colors for greater flexibility in meeting your specific application requirements.
  • Starting at just $60.
Markel Industries Mat Base

Markel Glove Cleaning Pads

Markel Glove Cleaning Pad, 25/Case
Item No. FACMKL-Pad
Qty    $168.30


Markel Trim-Tack® Glove Cleaning Pad

  • The Trim Tack® Glove and Hand Cleaning Pad has adhesive coated sheets with exclusive alternating color tabs.
  • The pad is secured to flat work surfaces with a removable adhesive on back.
  • The pad is used to remove contaminants from gloves and hands
  • Also perfect for securing small parts during assembly or dismantling.
  • Pad size: 40 sheets, 5-1/4 inch x 7-1/4 inch.
  • Color: clear sheets with white backing.
  • Custom sizes are available.
  • Sold 25 pads per case.

cuff sealer 

Markel Trim-Tack® Cuff Sealer

  • Trim-Tack Cuff Sealer quickly and effectively seals the area between glove and garment with a disposable sheet of adhesive film to help prevent particle migration.
  • Also prevents the infiltration of chemical contaminants.
  • The flexibility of the 1.5 mil poly film allows a comfortably snug fit on all size arms.
  • Available in 60 sheets per pad, 13 inch x 4-1/4 inch, w/alternating color tabs on both ends to minimize accidental peeling of multiple sheets.
  • Sold 6 pads per box.
Markel Trim Tack Cuff Sealer, Box of 6 Pads
Qty    $74.00


Markel Rollers

Rollers and Handles Sold Separately


Markel Trim-Tack® Film & Foam Rollers

  • Convenient to use, the Trim Tack® Roller is quick and effective at removing various contaminating particles from floors, ceilings, walls, tabletops and other surfaces.
  • Trim Tack® Roller is very easy to use; just roll the area to be cleaned as if you were painting the wall. When the roller becomes too soiled to pick up any more contaminants, simply peel off the soiled layer and tear off at the perforations to expose a new sheet of adhesive film.
  • Available in film rolls for flat surfaces and foam rolls for irregular surfaces.
  • Rollers available in 9, 12 and 18 inch widths.
  • 9 inch rollers have 1.5 inch core diameter (uses handle p/n 901R).
  • 12 & 18 inch rollers have 3 inch core diameter (uses handle p/n 181R).
  • Handles available in 9 & 18 inch lengths.
  • Extension handles available.
  • Rollers sold in cases of six.
Markel Film Roller, 9 Inch, 4/Pk
180 sheets, 5.5 inch perf.
Qty    $115.98

Markel Foam Roller, 9 Inch, 4/Pk
20 sheets, 11 inch perf.
Qty    $99.85

Markel Film Roller, 12 Inch, 4/Pk
60 sheets, 11.5 inch perf.
Qty    $97.27

Markel Foam Roller, 12 Inch, 4/Pk
20 sheets, 16 inch perf.
Qty    $104.65

Markel Film Roller, 18 Inch, 4/Pk
60 sheets, 11.5 inch perf.
Qty    $128.74

Markel Foam Roller, 18 Inch, 4/Pk
20 sheets, 16 inch perf.
Qty    $137.89

Handles for Above Rollers:
9 inch rollers use 901R handle (1.5 inch core)
12 & 18 inch rollers use 181R handle (3 inch core)
Markel Roll Handle, 9 Inch
Item No. FACMKL-901R
Qty    $21.75

Markel Roller Extension Pole
3 to 6 Foot
Qty    $27.38

Markel Roll Handle, 18 Inch
Item No. FACMKL-181R
Qty    $49.86



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