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Fend-all Eye Wash Stations, Refills & Accessories
(Formerly by Sperian, now Honeywell)

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Fend-all Pure Flow 1000

fend-all pure flow 1000

View the installation & training video for the PureFlow 1000  (50MB)

Pureflow 1000

Fendall Pure Flow 1000 Emergency Eyewash Station

  • Pure Flow 1000 delivers unequaled eyewash safety, reliability, and value.
  • The patented system delivers purified, contaminant-free, and physiologically correct Eyesaline solution from factory-sealed cartridges.
  • Pure Flow 1000 does not require costly plumbing. It features a fluid pressure balancing system that provides a constant fluid flow rate and stream height for the entire 15-minute flushing period required by ANSI Z358.1-2004.
  • 29 inches high x 31 inches wide x 18 inches deep.
  • Includes mounting wall bracket and 10x14 vinyl sign.
  • Approx. Shipping: 29"x18"x31", 40 lbs.
  • Does NOT come with cartridges.  Cartridges must be purchased separately.
  Pureflow 1000 refill cartridges

Fendall 3-1/2 Gallon Eyesaline Cartridges For Pure Flow 1000   (2 Per Case)

  • The Eyesaline Solution for the PureFlow 1000 is contained in replaceable delivery modules that remain sealed until activated.
  • Contains TWO Eyesaline cartridges, each containing 3.8 gallons.
  • Cartridges, hoses and nozzles are in one integrated, replaceable unit to guarantee non-contaminated wash.
  • Cartridges are sealed and last 24 months from date of manufacture.
  • Approx. Shipping: 24"x13"x12", 72 lbs.

Fend-all Pure Flow 1000 Emergency Eyewash Station
Item No. FACFEN-32-001000

Qty  $645.88  

Fend-all 3-1/2 Gallon Eyesaline Cartridges For Pure Flow 1000
Item No. FACFEN-32-001050

Qty    $249.62  

Fend-all Pure Flow 1000 Replacement Mounting Bracket, 3/Pk
Item No. FACFEN-32-001051
Qty    $99.16

Dust Cover for the Fend-All Pure Flow 1000
Item No. FACFEN-32-001015
Qty    $176.44

Fend-all Tamper-Proof Seal for Pure Flow 1000 & Fend-all 2000 Eyewash Stations, 1 Dozen
Item No. FACFEN-32-001017
Qty    $79.17


Safety Data Sheets for Fend-all Eyesaline:

Eyesaline SDS  (Fend-all 1050, 2050)  pdf

Concentrate Eyesaline SDS  (Fend-all 513, etc)  pdf

Fendall 2000

Fend-all 2000 Eyewash Station

  • The Fend-all 2000 from Sperian brings emergency eye care to a whole new level.
  • With the Fend-all 2000, injured workers are treated with 100% sterile, buffered and physiologically balanced saline solution free of contaminants, bacteria, corrosives and pollutants.
  • Activation / Completion Alarm ensure compliance with ANSI 15-minute requirement.
  • 24-month cartridge life.
  • Sight window for expiration date & contact info.
  • Includes emergency eyewash station sign; bracket; installation DVD; tamper seal & 1 year warranty.
  • Sterile saline solution cartridges sold separately.
  • Approx. Shipping:  35" x 18" x16",  25lbs.
Fendall 2000 refill cartridges

Fend-all 2000 Eyewash Cartridge/Refill

  • Up to 24 month cartridge life.
  • Buffered, pH balanced saline solution.
  • 6.87 gallons (26L) total.
  • Changes in less than 5 minutes.
  • Made by MFR as ordered.  Allow 3 week lead time.
  • Approx. Shipping:  24" x 16" x9", 62 lbs.
View the manufacture's video for cartridge installation   (38MB)

Fend-all 2000 Eyewash Station
Item No. FACFEN-32-002000

Qty    $572.81

Fend-all 2000 Eyewash Cartridge
Item No. FACFEN-32-002050

Qty    $388.48

    Replaces p/n 32-ST2050

Fend-all� Portable Eyewash Stations

Fendall 400 Flash Flood

Fend-all� Flash Flood Eyewash Station

  • Self-contained; no plumbing required.
  • Quick-change cartridges.
  • Dual nozzles.
  • Lightweight, portable.
  • 3 minute, 1 gallon wash cycle.
  • Ships with (1) one-gallon cartridge.
  • Approx. shipping: 13x11x15 inches.  14 lbs.
  Fendall Flash Flood refill cartridges

Fend-all� Refill Cartridge for the Flash Flood Emergency Eyewash Station

  • Cartridge takes less than 1 minute to change.
  •  30 month un-opened shelf life; 6 months activated.
  • Approx. shipping:  12 x 10 x 13, 38 lbs/Case.
  • Approx. shipping:  38 lbs.
  • Sold (4) 1-Gallon Cartridges per Case.
Fend-all Flash Flood Emergency
Eyewash Station
Item No. FACFEN-32-000400

Qty    $202.00

Fend-all Flash Flood Refill Cartridge,
Case of 4
Item No. FACFEN-32-000401

Qty    $207.28

porta stream I

Fend-all� Porta Stream� I Portable Eyewash Station

  • Pull strap activates immediate solution flow.
  • Includes 70 oz bottle of Eyesaline(�) concentrate which, when mixed with portable water, makes 6 gallons of isotonic saline solution at ambient temperature and delivers up to six minutes of solution.
  • Stations come complete with hanging brackets and are shipped with an Emergency Eye Wash sign.
  • Portable. No plumbing required.
  • Allows either horizontal or vertical installation.
  • ANSI Z358.1. Classified personal.
  • Approx. Shipping: 24"x16"x14", 20 lbs.
  porta stream II

Fend-all� Porta Stream� II Portable Eyewash Station, Includes Eyesaline� Concentrate

  • Porta Stream II offers versatile portability � without costly plumbing.
  • Large 16 gallon (6/L) capacity permits thorough flushing by providing 0.4 gpm over the entire 15-minute flushing period required by ANSI Z358.1-2004.
  • Porta Stream�s simplicity of installation and operation has made it a popular choice.
  • Self-contained, each model features a nozzle strap that is easily removed to activate flushing, leaving hands free to hold eyelids open.
  • Includes 180 oz bottle of Eyesaline� concentrate to mix with water.
  • Allows either horizontal or vertical installation.
  • Approx. Shipping: 26"x20"x20", 35 lbs.

Fend-all Porta Stream I Portable Eyewash Station, Includes Eyesaline Concentrate
Item No. FACFEN-32-000100

Qty   $409.07


Fend-all Porta Stream II Portable Eyewash Station, Includes Eyesaline Concentrate
Item No. FACFEN-32-000200

Qty    $527.04

Fend-All Heated Porta Stream III

Fend-all� Porta Stream� III (#310) With Heater

  • Porta Stream III (#310) The Porta Stream III is designed for indoor/outdoor use.
  • It holds 16 gallons (61L) of Eyesaline� Solution at a thermostatically controlled temperature, and provides 15-minutes of uninterrupted flushing.
  • The fluid-heating system makes this unit ideal for use where temperatures are below 72� F (22�C) and will work in temperatures down to -32� F (-36� C) below zero.
  • The unit is protected by a fitted, insulated cover and warmed by twin, 600-watt heaters.
  • It is controlled by two thermostats for maintaining solution temperature and has a safety over-ride to prevent over-heating.
  • Three lighted indicators tell whether power is on, heat is on, or of a malfunction.
  • Eyesaline solution sold separately  (180 oz. Concentrate, 32-000513, recommended.)
  • Approx. Shipping: 26"x20"x20", 45 lb
eyesaline refill   eyesaline concentrate

Eyesaline� Refills for Porta-Stream� Eyewash Stations

  • These refills have a 30 month shelf life unopened.
  • Eyesaline is good for six months once opened/activated.

Fend-all 1Gallon Premix Eyesaline Solution For Porta Stream I, II or III - Case of 4 Gallons
Item No. FACFEN-32-000502

Qty    $129.96

Fend-all Porta Stream III (#310) With Heater, Includes Eyesaline Concentrate
Item No. FACFEN-32-000310

Qty    $2,627.13

Fend-all Portable Eyewash Station 70 Ounce Concentrate Refill For Porta Stream I, Case of 4
Just add tap water 10:1 ratio, makes approx. 6 gal.
Item No. FACFEN-32-000509

Qty    $182.10

Fend-all Replacement Insulated Jacket for Heated Porta Stream III, Yellow
Item No. FACFEN-32-000530
Qty    $609.22

Fend-all 180 Ounce Eyesaline� Concentrate For Porta Stream II or III
Just add tap water 10:1 ratio, makes approx. 15 gal.
Item No. FACFEN-32-000513

Qty    $89.09

Fend-all� Bottle Eyewash Stations


Fend-all� Eyesaline� Single Bottle Wall Eyewash Station (16 or 32 oz)

  • Highly visible wall station for immediate flushing of eyes after accidents.
  • Replaceable bottles have extended flow nozzles and come with twist-off tabs to prevent cross-contamination, and 32 oz. bottles have gripping surfaces for easy handling.
  • Single-use design ensures solution integrity, which has a 36-month shelf life.  (Once opened, use entire contents or discard remaining eyesaline solution.)
  • Includes mounting hardware.
  • ANSI Z358.1 standard. Classified personal.
  • 16 oz. MFR Part No. = 32-000460
  • 32 oz. MFR Part No. = 32-000461
  • Sold in 3 Packs.

Fend-all� 32 Ounce Eyesaline� Double Bottle Wall Station Eyewash

  • Highly visible wall station for immediate flushing of eyes after accidents.
  • Replaceable bottles have extended flow nozzles and come with twist-off tabs to prevent cross-contamination, and 32 oz. bottles have gripping surfaces for easy handling.
  • Single-use design ensures solution integrity which has a a 36-month shelf life. (Once opened, use entire contents or discard remaining eyesaline solution.)
  • Includes mounting hardware.
  • ANSI Z358.1 standard.
  • Sold in 3 Packs.
Fend-all Eyesaline Single Bottle Wall Eyewash Station, 3/Pk

Fend-all 32 Ounce Eyesaline Double Bottle Wall Station Eyewash, 3/Pk
Item No. FACFEN-32-000462

Qty    $183.70

 fend-all eyesaline bottles

Fend-all 16 Ounce Eyesaline Sterile Eyewash, 8/Pk
Item No. FACFEN-32-000454

Qty   $91.48


Fend-all� 16 & 32 Ounce Eyesaline� Eyewash Solution

(for above eyewash stations)
  • Ideal for use in a first aid room or on a job site as a single dose unit to help remove non-toxic floating foreign matter from eyes.
  • Also use to relieve eye irritation due to pollen and dust particles.
  • Each bottle contains sterile, buffered Eyesaline� solution and is sealed to ensure safety.
  • Replacement solution for Single or Double Bottle Wall Station Eyewash units (Above Items).
  • 24 month shelf-life.
  • Sold in 8 packs.

Fend-all 32 Ounce Eyesaline Sterile Eyewash, 8/Pk
Item No. FACFEN-32-000455

Qty    $127.86


fendall travel bag

Eyesaline� Personal Travel Bag

  fendall personal refills

Eyesaline� Personal Refills:

  • Sleek, durable bag securely holds
    (6) 1 oz. Eyesaline eyewash bottles and (6) 4 oz. Eyesaline eyewash bottles.
  • One-piece case construction with pockets to hold bottles and/or other necessities.
  • Adjustable strap.
  • Vinyl construction for easy cleaning and visibility.
Fend-all� Eyesaline� Personal 1 oz. bottle,
Case of 24

Qty    $82.60

Fend-all Eyesaline Personal Travel Bag
Item No. FACFEN-32-000440

Qty   $88.65

Fend-all Eyesaline Personal 4 oz. bottle,
Case of 24

Qty    $126.55


Fend-all� Accessories

fend-all eyewash sign

Fend-all� Emergency Eye Wash Sign

  • 12-3/4 x15 inches.
  • Green background color for high visibility.
  • Sold in 6 packs.
  fend-all bottle mount

Fend-all� Universal Bottle Mount

  • Expandable strap with magnetic backing.
  • Has screw holes for permanent mounting.
  • Fits Sperian Personal Eyesaline bottles up to 32 oz.
  • Fits most competitors brands as well.
  • 1-5/8 x 2 x 4-3/4 inches.
  • Sold per case of 4 mounts.
Fend-all Emergency Eye Wash Sign, 6/Pk
Item No. FACFEN-32-000113
Qty    $113.92

Fend-all Universal Bottle Mount, 4/Pk
Item No. FACFEN-32-000435
Qty    $64.75


fnedall stand

Fend-all� Universal Stand For Emergency Eyewash Stations

  • Fend-All� Universal Eyewash Stand is an inexpensive alternative to wall mounting and can be mounted to a floor or free standing for versatility.
  • The lightweight, sturdy steel tubing design is compact and easy to assemble.
  • Use with the Fend-all 2000, PureFlow 1000 or
    Porta Stream I, II and III.
  • Approx. shipping:  60 x 30 x 4 inches,  25 lbs.
  fendall cart

Fend-all� Universal Cart for Emergency Eyewash Stations

  • For use with all portable stations, plus PureFlow 1000 & 2000 eyewash stations.
  • Provides quick, easy portability for self-contained, gravity-fed emergency eyewash devices.
  • Reliable, hand-truck design ensures durability.
  • Approx. shipping:  31 x 29 x 11 inches, 54 lbs.
Fend-all Universal Stand
Item No. FACFEN-32-001065

Qty    $197.19

Fend-all Universal Cart
Item No. FACFEN-32-001060

Qty    $699.11

 fend-all waste container

Fend-all� Waste Container

  • For use with all Porta Stream and Flash Flood eyewash stations.
  • 23 gallon cart with two wheels and molded handle.
  • Concave top surface with center drain.
  • 16.5 x 18 x 33 inches, 18 lbs.
   fend-all waste container

Fend-all� Waste Container

  • For use with the Universal eyewash cart (p/n 32-001060 shown immediately above).
  • 28 gallon capacity allows easy, portable collection of used flushing fluid.
  • 23 x 22 x26 inches, 13 lbs.
Fend-all Waste Container - 511
Item No. FACFEN-32-000511
Qty    $249.24

Fend-all Waste Container - 1061
Item No. FECFEN-32-001061
Qty    $240.25

fendall dust cover

Fend-all� Dust Cover for Porta Stream

  • Dust Cover Protects the entire eye wash basin from dust and debris.
  • Easily removable.
  • Fits Porta-Steam I and II.
  • Includes plastic cover with pull strap.  (MFR picture above shows the rubber caps that would be from an existing unit to show the intent of how the two pieces work together - the rubber caps are not part of the dust cover.  Replacement rubber caps can be purchased separately if needed.)
  • Approx. Shipping: 4"x17"x16", 1 lb.
  • Sold in 3 packs.
   porta stream pull strap

Fend-all� Replacement Pullstrap for Porta Stream

  • Rubber pull strap for Porta Stream I, II & III eyewash stations.
  • Sold in 6 packs.
Fend-all Dust Cover For Porta Stream Emergency Eyewash Station, 3/Pk
Item No. FACFEN-32-000522

Qty    $128.91

Fend-all Pull Strap for Porta Stream Eyewash Units, 6/Pk
Item No. FACFEN-32-000102
Qty    $189.25

fendall preservative

De-Fend� Water

  • Use with all portable eyewash stations.
  • Mix with clean potable water.
  • One (8 oz) bottle suitable for 14-16 gallons.
  • 30-month shelf life (unopened); 6 months once opened.
  • Can be used with Porta Stream units but can NOT be mixed with eyesaline solution.
  • Solution good for (4) four months once added to water, then needs to be discarded.
  • Prior to refilling, the station must be emptied & cleaned. 
  cleaning kit

Fend-all� Universal Eyewash Cleaning Kit

  • For use with all tank-type, eyewash stations.
  • Allows thorough eyewash device cleaning.
  • Clean prior to refilling, to remove contamination.
  • Helps remove contaminants from tank interior.
  • 36" x 6" x 3", 2 lbs.
Fend-all 8 oz. De-fend Water Preservative, Case of 4
Item No. FACFEN-32-001100

Qty    $58.00

Fend-all Universal Eyewash Cleaning Kit
Item No. FACFEN-32-000518

Qty    $78.23


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