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Justrite® Flammable Material Containers


Justrite® Type II UNO Safety Can

  • The easiest, most ergonomic to use, the UNO™ integrated fill-and-pour spout offers easy filling, effortless pouring with the Safe-Squeeze™ trigger mechanism.
  • The weight of the can rests on the strongest part of the hand, and a simple finger squeeze on the trigger opens the piston-actuated spout and vacuum release valve and upon release, closes instantly.
  • Available with 5/8 inch and 1 inch pour spouts.
  • OLD MFR Part No's:  10368, 10768 & 10868; 10767 & 10867.
  • Starting at $83.
  Justrite Type 1 safety can           

Justrite® Type I Metal Safety Can

  • Type I Safety Cans are the economical choice for flammables.
  • Compliant Type I safety cans are designed with a single spout for filling and pouring.
  • The self-closing, leakproof lid provides security from spills and leaks.
  • Cans up to one gallon feature a trigger release handle while larger capacities have a swinging handle to greatly ease carrying heavier loads.
  • Unique counterbalance, ergonomic design with full-fisted grip handle offers gravity-assisted pouring.
  • All models are equipped with an FM-tested dual-density flame arrester, which reliably dissipates heat to stop flashback ignition.
  • To protect against rupture or explosion, positive pressure relief mechanism automatically vents between 3 and 5 psig.
  • Heavy-duty, high grade coated steel construction features special reinforcing ribs to strengthen sidewalls for extra "bumper guard" protection.
  • Finished in a tough powder coat paint, Justrite cans resist chemicals and standup to heavy abuse.
  • It meets OSHA and NFPA requirements, is certified by FM, UL, ULC and carries an exclusive Justrite 10 year warranty.
  • OLD Red MFR Part No's:  7110100, 10301, 10501 & 10801.
  • OLD Blue MFR Part No's: 10310, 10510, 10710 & 10810.
  • OLD Yellow MFR Part No's: 10311, 10511, 10711 & 10811.
  • OLD Green MFR Part No's: 10312, 10712 & 10812.
  • Starting at just $40.
Justrite Red UNO Type II Safety Can For Flammables, 5/8 Inch
Item No's. 7210120, 7220120, 7250120

Justrite Red UNO Type II Safety Can For Flammables, 1 Inch
Item No's. 7225130, 7250130

All Justrite products ship from the manufacturer and require a minimum $100 order.
Justrite Red Type I Safety Can For Flammables (Gasoline & Solvents)
Item No's. 7110100, 7120100, 7150100

justrite 14160

Justrite® Type I Oval Polyethylene Safety Cans

Justrite Blue Type I Safety Can For Kerosene
Item No's. 7110300, 7120300, 7150300

Justrite Yellow Type I Safety Can For Diesel Fuel
Item No's. 7110200, 7120200, 7150200

Justrite Green Type I Safety Can For Oil
Item No's. 7110400, 7120400, 7150400

  • Oval, space-saving design increases shelf storage capacity by 30%.
  • Trigger mechanism enables the pouring of small quantities of liquid.
  • Leaktight, self-closing cap prevents spillage and automatically vents to guard against explosion.
  • Dual-density flame arrester protects against external heat sources.
  • Unique design includes a current-carrying carbon insert imbedded into the can for proper grounding.
  • Stainless steel hardware.
  • 1/2 gallon size discontinued.
  • Meets New York City Approval No. 4448.
Justrite® 1 Gallon Oval Polyethylene Safety Can
Item No. FACJST-14160
Qty    $72.14

justrite funnel

Justrite® Polyethylene Pour Funnel

  • For use with Type I Oval Safety Cans (Shown Above)
  • Sold in 3 packs.

Justrite® Yellow "I'm Easy" Polypropylene Funnel For Metal Type I Safety Cans

(shown above)
  • Justrite® I'm Easy Funnel has an exclusive "stay-on" funnel design with a flexible hinge.
  • Easy-to-fill, easy-to-pour for safe, leak-free pouring into smaller openings, the I'm Easy Funnel attaches quickly.
  • A large rounded bowl provides protection from splashing and spillage.
  • The innovative hinged design allows you to fill or pour from the can without removing the funnel and takes up less space during storage.
  • Made of durable polypropylene and fits Type I Steel cans 1 gallon or above.
  • Sold in 3 packs.
Justrite Polyethylene Pour Funnel, 3/Pk
Item No. FACJST-11201
Qty    $34.40

Justrite Yellow Polypropylene Funnel, 3/Pk
Item No. FACJST-11202Y
Qty    $27.40

View our Justrite storage containers for flammables and other hazards.

Justrite bench cans


Justrite® Bench Cans

  • Bench cans (aka cleaning tanks or dip tanks) provide an easy means of cleaning small parts in solvents.
  • Simply place work on spring-loaded, perforated dasher plate, press down and agitate, then release to return dasher to drain position.
  • Plated steel dasher is an effective flame arrester.
  • Hinged cover minimizes evaporation losses.
  • Protected rim reduces the possibility of hand injury.
  • Made of sturdy 24-gauge premium coated steel, can is finished in a tough powder coat paint finish for added durability.
  • Variety of sizes available.
Justrite® 2 Quart Steel Bench Can
Item No. FACJST-10295
Qty    $69.84

Justrite® 1 Gallon Steel Bench Can w/Parts Basket
Item No. FACJST-10370
Qty    $78.93


justrite plunger cans  

Justrite® Plunger Cans

  • Dispense flammable liquids & solvents safely without waste or exposure.
  • Plunger Cans help you quickly and easily moisten cleaning cloths or swabs.
  • Pushing down on the brass pump assembly fills upper pan with a measured amount of liquid for moistening.
  •  Surplus liquid drains safely back into reservoir.
  • The perforated pan screen serves as a flame arrester..
  • Top rims have molded edge protectors for smooth, trouble-free moistening.
  • Choose from corrosion resistant, high density polyethylene or rugged 24-gauge steel construction.
  • Steel cans are finished in a tough, chemical resistant powder paint and are backed by an industry exclusive Ten-Year Limited Warranty.
  • Variety of sizes available.
Justrite® 2 Quart Steel Plunger Can
Item No. FACJST-10208

Qty    $59.55

Justrite® 1 Gallon Steel Plunger Can
Item No. FACJST-10308

Qty    $67.40


Justrite Oily Can w/Foot Lever  

Justrite® Oily Waste Cans

  • Oily Waste Cans provides a safe way to collect chemically soaked wipes, cloths or towlettes right at workstations.
  • It will open to no more than a 60 degree angle, and it stays closed when not in use, isolating contents from fire sources and limiting oxygen to avoid spontaneous combustion.
  • Flammable Material approved.
  • This foot operated, one-piece cover provides a safe disposal container for oily rags. Extra convenient when used with disposable collection bags.
  • Flammable Material, UL approved.

Justrite 2 Gallon Red Oily Waste Countertop Can
Item No. FACJST-09200
Qty    $71.69

  Justrite® Red Oily Waste Can With Foot Lever Opening Device

MFR Part No's:
  • 09100 = 6 Gallon
  • 09300 = 10 Gallon
  • 09500 = 14 Gallon
  • 09700 = 21 Gallon
Justrite Red Oily Waste Can With Foot Lever



Justrite® Drain Can

  • Easily and safely collect used solvents from parts washing equipment with a Justrite Drain Can.
  • Wide mouth funnel catches drainage with no spill, no mess.
  • Removable funnel is plated steel.
  • Built-in flame arrester keeps fire from contents.
  • A 3/4 inch threaded plug allows safe disposal of waste liquids from the drain can into a permanent receptacle.
Justrite Drain Can
Item No's. 10903, 10905

Justrite Drain Can Cover
Item No. FACJST-11176
Qty    $37.76


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