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Allegro Sampling Pumps

Allegro Diaphragm Pump   allegro jarless pump

Allegro Diaphragm Sampling Pump

  • This cost effective and maintenance free pulsating diaphragm pump will operate efficiently with mold, PCM and TEM cassettes.
  • Cassettes sold separately...see below.
  • Lightweight at only 10 lbs the pump comes complete with an adjustable regulator, clear vinyl tubing, and a power cord with switch and optional aluminum tripod.
  • MFR Part No. 9805.
  • Cassettes sold separately...see below.
  • Just starting at $242.41.

Allegro T-101 Jarless Sampling Pump

  • Lightweight and low maintenance, this rotary vane sampler has a sampling range of 0-30 LPM and is an excellent resource for sampling asbestos (25mm cassettes), lead (37mm cassettes) and mold.
  • This sampler is the best value in the market today, meets OSHA and AHERA standards and comes complete with six feet of vinyl tubing, inline filters, rubber feet, for stability, handle and built-in switch.
  • Optional adjustment aluminum stand.
  • Weight 10 lbs.
  • MFR Part No. 9801.
  • Replaces A100 Rotary Vane pump, part no. 9804.
  • Cassettes sold separately...see below.
Allegro Diaphragm Sampling Pump


Allegro T101 Sampling Pump


allegro flow meter

Allegro Flow Meter

  • Allegro's flow meters are separate from the pump to allow the user to set the flow for more than one pump with the same meter.
  • Features an expanded scale and includes necessary adapters for use with particular cassettes.
allegro pump carry bag

Allegro Sampling Pump Carrying Bag


MFR P/N 4210-05.   This item has been discontinued with no replacement.

Allegro Flow Meter
Item No. FACALG-9804-03
Qty    $109.14

allegro m2 cassette   allegro lead cassette

Allegro M2 Multi-Mold Cassette

  • The MultiMold (M2) is a disposable air sampling cassette for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sampling and analysis including home/commercial inspection and restoration and remediation.
  • It operates in accordance with well-established fluid/air dynamic principles.
  • The M2 uses standard pump and calibration equipment, and the collected samples undergo routine laboratory preparation and quantification procedures.
  • The M2 is a patent-pending, dual sampling cassette for easier and more efficient use in both the field and laboratory.
  • The M2 is the first cassette to provide sampling options to field personnel; each cassette can be used to 1) collect two different samples, or 2) collect two identical samples concurrently, or 3) collect one sample while using the other cell as a blank/control.
  • In the laboratory, the M2 is the first cassette to provide one time preparation for two samples, pre-printed traverse marks on the collection slide for standardized quality control, and side by side comparison of the samples under the microscope.
  • 25 cartridges per box.

Allegro Lead Cassette

  • This 37mm, MCE cassette is .8m mixed cellulose ester and is specifically designed for lead sampling.
  •  50 per box.

Allegro Lead Cassette
Item No. FACALG-9804-14
Qty    $71.92

Allegro M2 Multi-Mold Cassette
Item No. FACALG-9804-20
Qty    $170.04

allegre pcm cassette 
  allegro tem cassette 

Allegro PCM Cassette

  • A 25mm cassette with .8m pore size for asbestos sampling.
  • The high quality cassette incorporates a 2" cowl and meets stringent quality standards.
  • 50 per box.

Allegro TEM Cassette

  • This 25mm, .45m + -5.0m cassette is designed for asbestos final clearance testing.
  • The cassettes incorporate a 2" static conductive extension cowl and meets all applicable standards.
  • 50 per box.
Allegro PCM Cassette
Item No. FACALG-9804-16
Qty    $50.87

Allegro TEM Cassette
Item No. FACALG-9804-17
Qty    $62.87



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